TOP 10 BEST Motorcycle Headlights – Review


It goes without saying motorcycle headlight is a must-have for every motorcyclist, no matter you are a novice or you have been conquering highways for many years. Since you know that having a high-quality and finely made motorcycle headline is paramount importance, you need to choose it with attention and taking your time. When riding a motorcycle, safety includes the proper clothes, the helmet that fits you the best and the ability to see the road clearly. To emphasize the latter, your visibility could be easily improved by using a finely made motorcycle headlight, it won’t break your budget and you will significantly raise comfort during driving.

All in all, motorcycle driving lights is the easiest way to improve your driving experience: the product is offered at an affordable price, it won’t take you long to set it up and it will really provide nice performance. You won’t only raise your visibility, but will make other drivers see you and know about your presents as well as will simultaneously improve your sight of any dangers, sharp twists and corners.

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In this article, we will discuss how to easily improve your vision no matter you ride on a highway or in the city and we will discuss the best motorcycle headlights on the market. You don’t have to surf the Internet in search of feedbacks or any other reviews since we have picked and gathered together TOP-10 products that definitely worth your attention. This full and ultimate guide will provide you the full picture of how to choose the best motorcycle headlight for your two-wheel friend. With the help of our buying guide, you will save your time as you won’t have to compare and contemplate the best product. Moreover, it will save your money since you will avoid getting any low-quality products or any items that do not worth your attention. 

Look through this guide alongside FAQ and our editor’s best pick and your buying experience will be as easy as A-B-C. 

Major Things to Watch Out Before Purchase

Your Motorcycle 

Surprised? Well, believe it or not, but the motorcycle you currently have will surely affect your headlights. So picking the latter, you need to make sure of its compatibility. While some companies offer lights that are pretty near-universal and could fit almost all models of motorcycles, others will only deliver the needed performance with specific motorbikes, so pay attention to it. When choosing a motorcycle headlight, always make sure you have checked the list of bikes that are compatible with this headlight. What should you do if you cannot find your motorbike on the list? Move on or simply ask a seller if there are any headlights in stock that suit your motorcycle.

How Bright Is it?

Measured in “lumens” (and we’ll take a closer look the them later), they are the level of light your new headlights will deliver. As a rule, you need to pick headlights that boast of higher brightness and differ from factory-installed models. By the way, all factory-provided lamps usually deliver worse performance than any replacement or updated headlights. The natural and the most easiest response here is to check the wattage of the product you’re about to get. However, there’s one important detail you need to take into attention: since for the past decade halogen lamps have been mostly changed to LEDs, you will find that the same lumens could provide even better performance by a much lower watt bulb. Yeah, the technical revolution is here and with it you need to be careful choosing a new headlight for your motorcycle. 

How Long Will It Take to Install It?

When seeking to add a sophisticated look to your 2-wheel friend and at the same time make it more visible for other drivers on the road, one of the TOP concerns is probably about the setting process.  Installation of this particular product is not a Large Hadron Collider, so it won’t take you ages. The setting process mostly depends on the brand, type and make of motorbike you own. However, looking ahead, we want to note that usually, installation does not last long. The majority of these lights provide a “plug and go” regime, so you will literally need to plug it in and enjoy the performance.

Beam Length and Other Issues

We have already mentioned lumens you need to check and now it’s time to talk about the beam length which is a vital factor for a good lamp. Well, the length hits is another factor to be checked. Does getting a veeeeery brіght headlight is bad? Not at all. However, everything changed at the moment when you ‘suddenly’ find out it will only turn on the three or more meters ahead of you. Well, you’re getting a headlight to illuminate the road, not the nearest villages, do not you? Here your must-check thing is the likely length of the beam and if you can regulate it or not. Another thing to check is the width — how widely is the spread? As with the beam, check if the spread is adjustable. All in all, we recommend to check it before you buy headlights and we also insist to choose models with non-adjustable functions. Nobody needs blinding other drivers or spread illumination just like that, so to make yourself visible well, make sure you have checked the length and the spread before making a purchasing decision.


Does the sizing of moto headlights play a big role? Yes, it does. If you’re just about to buy some new housing unit, you can skip this step and don’t pay attention to sizing at all, you will be flexible with it. However, if you don’t have the needed unit, we strongly recommend to choose the needed model and take it off.

Passing Autos and Motorcycles

Again, as a matter of safety, you should start with thinking about other drivers on the road, since you’re not the one and only driver in the world. If you have a slightly thought about dazzling drivers in oncoming traffic, it’s time to change your moto-headlights or turn them down for a low beam mode. However, here attention must be paid as well since not every headlight has this option. Our team highly recommends checking whether the model you’re about to buy has this ability to change the mode when it’s really required.

You can pick optimal or best LED headlights for cars, suitable for your goals.

Once again on safety

Safety goes first as well as certification if you strive to get a finely made product. To be frank, there is no much to say about changing over your new-bought headlights if you have just received them. Since we care about our readers, it’s highly recommended to buy a certified product which was checked, approved for just-in-case accidents. There are DOT and two other certificates so the more ones your motolights have, the better for your safety on the road.

Let’s dive into definitions now:

  1. As for SAE, it means the Society of Auto Engineers, so now you can see that if a headlight was approved by this organization, you can fully trust it. They test out products for engineering and some other products. However, these requirements do not meet any special credits, so this issue is probably less respectful of all certificates. However, it’s better at least to have such a certificate then no certificates at all.
  2. When it comes to Е-mark, this term was created by auto designers and manufacturers to provide insurance to electrical goods installed onto a motor vehicle. This mark proves any product you buy, it will deliver best possible performance and you won’t likely have any troubles.
  3. Last but not least is the DOT certificate. This is the one and only certificate that boasts of legal credit, so that’s why it claims to be the most respectful one. As for its roots, it comes from the Department of Transportation and is claimed to be #1 certificate of all presented.

Other features

Speaking about other features, here you need to pay attention to our editor’s choice and other picks presented among all issued products. Surely it depends on a driver, however, if you’d like to get an up-to-date headlight, check out ring adaptors, or, say some headlights that offer overall stability. Some producers also offer waterproof and shockproof headlights so it will really encourage to keep a headlight in the top condition for a long time. However, it’s not the dead finish. Thanks to all modern technologies, motolights do not have to be only black, only solid and only boring. Today you are able to select among some newer options and buy lamps with remote control or someones that allows you to change the beam length or even shade.

Technical Terms

To LED or not to LED? Even though LEDs have beaten all records and now call the shots, some people still don’t see this big advantage and efficient LEDs can bring. Let’s make it up and take a closer look. First, LED lights use 5x less energy. A simple lamp uses 60 watts per 10 LED watts, sounds impressive, right? The regular lamp lasts only several months and LED lights last 25 (!) times longer. Moreover, when comparing prices, LED is 6x times cheaper than simple lamps. Since our review is fully devoted to LED motorcycle headlights, we fully stand to them and recommend you to pay attention as they are efficient and long-lasting.

Types of Motorcycle Headlights 

All motorcycle headlights could be divided into several groups: multi-directional LEDs, reflector and projector headlights.

Starting with multi-directional ones, it’s fully high-tech and if you are seeking something energy-efficient, up-to-date and modern, pay attention to these compact size LEDs. Usually, a seller offers longer service life, however, keep in mind this type of light will require replacement once it has given you whole potential. Speaking about its performance, it produces a very powerful light and outshining its counterparts is a normal thing here. 

When it comes to reflector headlights, they’ve been designed and brought to the market by means of a tungsten filament bulb. Well, this kind of light is brought by means of reflected from the mirror that surrounds its center. In turn, it is pushing illumination forward to the road. Speaking about modern technologies, this type is one of those retro kinds of moto-lights and the cheapest option on the market.

The last but definitely not the least type is projector ones, they use a magnifying lens in order to protect the light here and there. In comparison with other models, this kind of light is more expensive and, they are greater in power and more compact. However, usually, this kind of light offers additional power and allows you to direct the light so overall it makes them a quite decent option.

Our TOP 10

WISAMIC 5-3/4 5.75 inch

Another product you have to pay attention to is a well-rated LED bulb that has been designed and produced by Wisamic. In comparison with other competitors, this item really stands out and offers exceptional quality. It kills two birds in one stone —offers first-class performance and yet affordable price. 28000 lumens on low and 4000 ones on high beam is another reason not to miss this product and make a decision right away. Another point is waterproof and shock protection that guarantees durability and many months of usage.

• Bright and very crisp
• Will take 5 mins to install
• Issues with condensation
Belt&Road 7 Inch Round Super White LED

This one-piece headlight is an excellent item that boasts of water-proof protection, plug-and-play installation design, and lifetime warranty. If you are tired of seeking some nice headlight for your motorcycle, this product is 365 days guarantee high-quality round and simple items that won’t take you much time to set up.

• 365-days warranty 
• Easy installation
• High beam points could be at the ground
Motorcycle 5-3/4 5.75 LED Headlight

This nice and simple headlight for motorcycles comes from the famous brand Sunpie. Perfect fit, a round headlight and 5,75 in. in diameter are just a few advantages of this model. As mentioned before, it boasts one of the most approved certifications — DOT. If you are seeking a replacement for soft stock lights or as a regular lamp, this is a good choice. 

This LED captivates many motorists because of its great output: 4000 lumens high beam and 2800 lumens with low beam, can you imagine? As for temperature, it offers 6000K temperature that guarantees cool and white color round the clock. 1-year warranty and great customer service come as a bonus.

• Installation won’t take more than 5 mins
• Sturdy aluminum
• 6000K color temperature
• Some customers claimed too thin fit
Dot Appoved Chrome 7inch LED Light

These LED lights have an up-to-date look and twice as bright as your factory lights. As for the main unit, it’s presented with nice ventilation so this part will ‘breathe’ during your ride. Say bye-bye to condensation and drive safely even in a muggy climate.  One-year warranty and additional matching passing lamps are two “pros” to prefer it to other products.

• Good ventilation
• One-year warranty
• Thicker mounting on sides
BICYACO Motorcycle Headlight

This nice LED lamp boasts of modern shape and provides 100% advanced chips which, in turn, mean white ray and really clear visibility. To emphasize its durability, here you have polycarbonate lens so they are shatterproof and will stand even during some small accident; it goes without saying that it’s nice protection on bumpy mountain roads here and there. Speaking about its cutoff line, it’s very sharp and colorful. As well as in the previous models, the installation won’t take you more than 10 mins. The last but never the least issue about this model is that it boasts of DOT, SAE and E-Mark certificate.

• Has three certifications
• 1-year warranty
• Installation could be complicated
7" Black Halo Headlight + Fog Passing Lights

If you have been seeking for an eye-catchy design and much brighter LED lights than your factory-installed ones, this model is what you need. This LED covers even more areas that you expected including the halos draw extra attention, so, it means you will have good visibility as well as other drivers will see you as well. Another thing we want to mention is that its anti-scratch design: thanks to up-to-date technology, the new polycarbonate lenses ensure excellent durability. A widespread of light is being created by scientific high-low beam pattern and newest Osram led chips. Here you have 2900 lm at the low beam and 4200 lm at high beam. 

• Excellent compatibility
• Extra-ordinary quality
• Nfinely protected from moist
Motorcycle 7 inch LED Headlight, YEEGO

These high-intensity CREE LED chips are for motorists who have been seeking 100 of 100 performance and want to get the best visibility on the roads. Well, thіs is a four operating model with 2 years (!) warranty service, so you can be sure of its dependability. 400W 7 in. headlight is more than just a nice replacement to your factory-made beams.

• Nice and simple 
• 2 years warranty
• Some customers claimed that it did
not last long 
Kuryakyn Motorcycle Lighting

If you put excellent performance as #1 for your motorcycle headlights, this is it. The bright light that copes with a dark with ease is what’s present here. At the very first glance, maybe you will be a bit surprised by the traditional look of this product. Some even say that it looks pretty retro, however, it does not have any impact on performance and gives your moto that sophisticated look. Moreover, many riders prefer this to numerous modern devices available on the market, so if you want to stand out, this could be your choice.

• Simple and traditional design
• Excellent performance
• Three
• Low beam seems to be leak
LEDUR Motorcycle Headlight

In case you have been searching for LED headlights for your motorcycle with a modern look, this is it. It has three modes of operations, it won’t take you more than 15 mins to install it and it could be easily controlled by the switch off. Numerous motorists did not help to resist these angel eyes, so be one of these lucky people who’ll enjoy high quality and excellent provenance of these LED lights.

• Three modes available 
• 50,000 hours lifespan
• Some customers claimed these are small lights
SUPAREE 7 inches LED Motorcycle Headlight

This is a pretty famous brand that boasts of quick and easy installation that won’t take you more than 10 mins so you will be able to conquer roads very soon. The product has captivating white angel eyes for your daytime running light and you will be able to switch SUPAREE for a vibrant amber variation to tick for ringht’n’left signals.

• It’s suitable to most of Harleys
• Has high and low beams
• No instruction

Editor’s Choice

We said “yes” to Halo LED Headlight + 4.5″ Fog Passing Lights. This is a nice combination of eye-catchy look and 2900 lm at the low beam and 4200 lm at high beam. High quality and excellent performance are those two things you need for excellent visibility on the road.


What if I want my headlight to be brother? 

As we have discussed before, the market currently boasts of several types of lights you can browse. Not all of them could be made brighter, but if your item has such an option, do the following: try to replace it OR clean and maintain them as needed (restoration kit will surely help you) OR you can simply upgrade your headlights. We need to mention that in comparison with traditional lights, replacement parts provide better performance.

Can I change my regular headlight to LED?

Well, you can do it but before check the needed type of bulb. Once you got it, now you have to seek for LED  kit on the Web and then, once it’s home, simply remove your traditional bulb by means of kit. Once you are done, LED goes to the stage, puts it to your two-wheel friend and check the new lamp’s performance before you’ll be using it on the roads.

May I clean headlights by myself?

There’s no need to call a vehicle mechanic or special service just to clean your moto headlights. Dealing with the outside of lamps can be a challenge, especially if you do it for the first time and you face dirt and debris on highways. Your lamps could even become darker because of UV rays and to emphasize the last issue, the ‘official’ kit to restore moto lights will be a nice decision. 

How frequently should I replace them?

Well, each of the bulbs boasts of its own lifespan. Some LEDs provide 25,000 hours, others can give you 90,000 hours. If you drive every day, as a rule, you need to change the lights every two years.


Since it goes without saying that having a finely-made motorcycle headlight is a must-have for every motorist, we have gathered the best products for you in this review to simplify your choice and save your time. If you still cannot decide which headlight is the best, simply.