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New Alfa Romeo 147 1.6-Litre TS Car Review


Flying View of Facts & Figures

Cost: £ 15,215 – £ 16, 915 (on road prices)

Eco Friendly: 194g/km CO2 Emissions

Speed: 0-60mph in 10.6sec Max Speed 121mph

Size: 4430L/ 1745W/ 1415mmH

Average: 25.2mpg (urban), 44.1mpg (extra urban) and
34.4mpg (combined).

Security: A real safe stuff as having Twin front, window and side airbags and ABS with EBD.

Know the Alfa Romeo 147:

What sense do 15,000 pounds make for you? What are the things that you can have with all the stuff? Even an occasion can make more than that! This is plenty of money for an average buying or even for the vehicles with no brands or sub-standard quality or at the most a good grey automotive. That’s it? But if I offer you a car making a healthier competition with the stuff likes a Toyota Auris, a Mazda3 and a Vauxhall Astra, then you would definitely search for the calendars to confirm the 1st April day!! But no, even in the regular dates, it’s a possible thing and Alfa Romeo has made this impossible, possible. They have seen the temptation and the desires in you and also taken the sturdiness and stronger characters in mind while developing the brand new car with some marvelous features at more than marvelous price.

Know the Alfa Romeo features:

The Alfa Romeo 147 is available in the market in three doors and also five doors versions depending upon the choice and budget. The specialty of the cars can be narrated in a word is that it is a different car than all the mainstream cars. It has all the capabilities and abilities to refresh your charm that is being destroyed by the regular and all traditional models!! Not only the look is elegant but also the inner look is fascinating. After all, there was quite a bit lacking in the car that could have the inner look and outlook clear and furnished. The engine used in the car is of 120bhp, the same engine that is available in the previous versions of cars like Turismo and Lusso.

The Alfa 147 TS has the capacity to speed up to 60mph in just 10.6 seconds and the top speed of 121mph also can be achieved nicely with the same engine. The fuel consumption is also of a quite respectable amount as it figures out to 34.5mpg which can be considered as a good ratio for a car especially in the phase of fuel price hiking. There are some of the styles carried forwarded even in this type like if we see the rear door handles, they are hidden in the trailing edge of the rear window frames, which are followed from the Alfa 156. The reason for doing this also might be the flimsy look that these features are providing, as we find in the five doors Audi A3 Sport back.

Alfa has also kept the back seat persons into consideration as they have shifted the B pillars to forward to earn some room from the back seat. The cars are also decorated with the fantasies of an extra set of doors and the black window pillars which can set a new record of the additional portage offered by any of the car companies. So, besides the price consideration, there are many more features like this additional portage to make the car special and splendid.

There are also some of the outer features that can make aggressive marketing silently. Features like headlamps, triple light clusters and also restyled bumpers with inset fog lamps. The Alfa Romeo is still not satisfied by offering the valuable kinds of stuff and also the rear lights are becoming larger ad the chrome strips are been added below the tailgate. All these features make a real sense in the minds and mouths of us that, “The Alfa 147TS is the car that enhances the beauty and pleasure, the more you use it and the more you climb in.”

Know the Alfa Romeo 147 specialty:

The Alfa has an unparalleled and unmatchable charm in the recent cars and also it has a refreshing and remarkable experience within. The company also makes a claim that the feel of Alfa TS Car has great potential and can give you more than better feel compared to the feeling of BMW, Mercedes and even the Audis.

Now, can you really expect these entire specialties in just 15, 000 pounds?

The first question arises in mind is that from where these guys of Alfa got such a huge experience of making a brilliance that can challenge the feel of BMWs and all? They’ve got the answers. The company launched the larger 156 in 1997, after that they made a huge R&D for the car problems of the users and also for the ease and convenience they do earn from all the branded kinds of stuff. All these points and derivations boost them to invest their time into the most innovative car of the year, Romeo 147TS. They made a simpler calculation of personal experience of people as when you seat in Mercedes E-Class and then if you have to seat in 166 executive Saloon or even the 159, the feeling gradually makes an upward trend.

So, they derived to a derivation that the attitude of comparing the experiences of feeling makes the sense. If any of the above-mentioned luxury cabs can banish the experience of our traditional cars in which we are grown up and have spent most of the part of our life, then the internal designs and the driving seats should be the difference!!

The Alfa made this point a target and changed the whole design and outlook of seats, steering wheels, gearstick and mirrors all appear to be positioned according to the anthropomorphic figure of a human being rather than a colobus monkey which is the case with every second traditional car.

What else? Alfa has a tradition of inheriting a romantic appeal by setting a unique dial in the car. Even in 147, there are two additional dials named ‘benzina’ and ‘aqua’ that makes a passionate appeal to the viewer. The tachometer also makes a huge sense by making the memories of the legendary ‘giri’ or even ‘Nuvolari’ alive by following their wheel tracks. Cabins are the center of attraction and six airbags work as manual climate controllers. Other distinctive features in the car are, height-adjustable driver’s seat, electric windows, and door mirrors and a steering wheel with the facilities of rake and reach adjustment.

The efficiency of the engine proves the Car as a well planted and its squat, foursquare shape gives the car a hunkered-down feel. Steering grip is also unique. The gearbox is also an Asset of the car. Brakes are accompanied by the fitment of anti-lock with electronic brake force distribution.


It’s too difficult to avoid your mind and heart from buying the car at these dynamic prices. The charm of the car is quite charming and it has everything that you would have ever imagined in your dreams about your car. So, we summarize the car, not as a dream car, but the car you should dream of!!