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Porsche 718 Boxster S and Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: which is the better sports car?


It goes without saying that a sports car is the quintessence of beauty and speed and with each passing year the sports cars fans ‘arrive’ to the team one after another. Well and it’s no surprise since convertibles embody fun and this carelessness when you’re riding down the city streets and your feel wind in your hair. Even if you play your life seriously, you won’t be able to take sports car’s charm just like that.

Today we’ll put under review two cars: Porsche 718 Boxster and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider in order to decide which one is better. What’s the main difference between these beautiful sports cars? And which one is better? Let’s take a look below.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo 4C is a compact two-seater sports car that saw the world in 2013. It was designed by the Italian and world-famous company Alfa Romeo. Even though it was rolled out to the market in 2013, the prototype of the car was shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Without any exaggeration, this automobile is unique in its kind since it has been designed for those who seek freedom in everything. Well, taking a look at its sophisticated style and excellent performance, there are no questions left at all.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider boasts of modern design and more than just nice interior. Its simplicity captivates many motorists all over the world. The all-carbon 4C monocoque weight is 65 kilograms; it is manufactured by the Tecno Tessile Adler. Another nice feature is that the subframes, chassis parts, diffuser and roof amplifiers are made of aluminum. Moreover, the refusal from steel elements allowed to reduce the mass of the automobile by 20%; it makes it incredibly light and fast. Please note that the full weight of the equipped automobile as standard is 920 kg…well, that’s impressive, isn’t it?

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

4C has a 1.75-liter four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine rated at 240 horsepower. There is also only one gearbox – the TCT 6-speed dual-clutch robotic transmission. Once you open the door and take a look at this car, you will notice that it is built around a carbon-fiber tub. This construction method is for super expensive and super fast sports cars.

Well, inside this four-wheel masterpiece is laconic as well. At first sight it may seem that there is nothing special, however, simplicity is very attractive. There’s an up-to-date stereo system, however, it looks pretty retro, so Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is totally out of pretentiousness. 

What more can you find in the cabin? There’s a seven-inch cluster of digital sensors and the 2,500-ish pound 4C Spider that can hit 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 mph. Is it possible? Surely yes since the vehicle is very lightweight and boasts of a strong engine.

Inside, it is also laconic, as outside. It may seem to an uninitiated lover that there is nothing special in the car. But we all know that this is not so. The interior of this model can be called basic, but at the same time it looks very attractive. But there is a stereo system. She seems simple too. Nothing unusual. Perhaps even outdated. But we have already said that this model is notable for its simplicity and lack of pretentiousness. Such a choice of a stereo system can be explained precisely by this fact.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider interior

When it comes to the driving experience, you will enjoy every single moment of being at the steering wheel. Well, especially on a sunny day whenbright beams flicker from the red body of this sports car. Indeed, this auto is one of the best in its class without any exaggeration.

Porsche 718 Boxster 

The next car we have put under review was the Porsche 718 Boxster S. The new Boxster continues the era of 718 — it’s the heart of a real fighter, who has won many victories and ready to new battles. This vehicle boasts of the 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, well, since the manufacturers strived to avoid standards and made really great impression. So it is not surprising that the name of all 718 cars include three well-known figures, which allow to extend the history of the legendary 718 model.

Porsche 718 Boxster

The new 718 models are made for an active, youth lifestyle. The mid-engined roadsters combine the sporty spirit of the legendary Porsche 718 with the sport car of the future, moving along the road of today. They pursue that common goal: to give their owners a maximum of satisfaction on a daily basis.

This vehicle is fast, light and boasts of very beautiful design for sure, which, together with the content, makes it one of the best cars of its kind. Thanks to horizontal lines, this car looks more energetic. Here we can note that this new generation of sports cars was created specifically for those who appreciate not only speed, but also style and sophisticated vibes.

Wings. Like all Porsche cars, they are located just above the hood and emphasize the design of brand new headlights and LED light. The side line emphasizes the mid-engine concept of the car.

Another thing we want your attention for is a special shape of door panels delivered by Porsche designers to the market. It contributes to the direction of the counter flow of air and to the large side air intakes. Well, what is it made for? For optimum “breathing” of new turbocharged engines and thus for powerful thrust. There’s another detail that worth your attention — up-to-date exterior rear-view mirrors with V-shaped ‘legs’ that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Porsche 718 Boxster's rear mirror

The back of the new 718 shows not only the great power of the sports car, but also how gifted Porsche designers are. The rear wing is being opened automatically at a speed of 120 km / h. It can reduce lift and improve grip on the road. Speaking about the room inside, this car is pretty spacious for a vehicle in its class, so even a tall man will be able to sit there with comfort. The Boxster comes with a version of the company’s Porsche Communication Management infotainment system. There’s also Apple CarPlay integration, so summing all things your trip will be comfy and nice.

In addition, we like to pay your attention to the common style the vehicle in which everything is done in the cabin. Both inside and out, it is very concise. Dark red color does not hurt the eyes and does not attract too much attention. However, at the same time, everything looks simple, but chic. It also amazes how we managed to construct such a small car and make so much space in it. Behind the engine is a 4.4 cubic foot trunk. Can you imagine that much space?

What is the difference?

We have already decided that both cars are incredibly cool and everyone will provide excellent performance, freedom and fun to their owner, but what is the difference between them?


Porsche is incredibly economical despite all mentioned. With fast movement or brake lights, the engine automatically shuts off, which saves fuel. The same fact makes it environmentally friendly. Whereas the 4C model that we reviewed earlier does not offer this.

In addition, Porsche offers us regenerative brakes, which are also not in the 4C. And now we will tell you why this feature is so useful. Such brake makes this vehicle even more economical, they improve fuel efficiency by turning inertia back into energy, rather than wasting it. So fans of environmental protection also consider Porsche cleaner and more tolerant to nature.

The fuel tank of the Booster is also more than 4c. Approximately 3.7 gallons.

The 7 speeds on the Porsche gearbox also made us more than the four-speed 4s gearbox.


We also noted the safety of driving this car. And in this case, the Porsche is undoubtedly ahead of its rival. Manufacturers offer an additional security system that can warn of a potential collision. Even more. The system not only notifies about it. It can apply the brakes herself if the one realizes that the driver is not going to do this. Impressive. Is not it? In our opinion, this is a transition to a new level of safety that other sports car manufacturers cannot boast of.

In addition, a car brought to the market by Porsche warns about blind spots, people, cars, in other words, about everything that can happen on the road at this moment. And we believe that this is simply an amazing level of integration with the situation on the road. For driving safety, this car definitely defeats all its competitors.

Porsche uses GPS and cellular system and gives the driver the ability to remotely unlock doors. In the case of theft, you can also track where at that moment the car is located using this system. This system can even send a call to the security service if an accident occurs. The competitor has none of the retrieved list.

But both cars have the same airbags for the driver and passenger, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights and rear view cameras.


Both manufacturers provide a guarantee against corrosion, but Porsche has it for 8 years longer. This is a noticeable difference. What do you think? In addition, there are more dealers of this brand, which will simplify car maintenance in the future.


To reliably power the ignition and other systems and to recharge the battery, the 718 Boxster has a standard 175-amp alternator. The 4C’s 160-amp alternator isn’t as powerful.


Porsche engine performance is also greater than that of a competitor. This car can produce 63 horsepower more than a competitor. This is an indicator for the standard 2.0 turbo 4 cyl. The 718 Boxster S’ standard 2.5 turbo 4 cyl. produces 113 more horsepower. In general, the engine from the Porsche is stronger and more productive.

Brakes and Stopping

Well, here Porsche brakes are also better. The car from offers the driver additional brake rotors. It increases their service life by 10-20 times, compared with ordinary cast iron. This fact makes Porsche stand out. In addition to the duration of use, such rotors are better because they do not fade with repeated and high-speed use. They are also lighter, which accelerates braking and makes it more comfortable for the driver.

Tires and Wheels

Here the auto also wins on this point. The standard and optional tires of this vehicle are larger than those of a competitor. 718 Boxster S tires also provide the driver with better vehicle handling due to their lower front row and height to width ratio. Well, the 4C can not boast of such one.

Suspension and Handling

The Porsche car has an additional adjustable backlight system that the 4C does not have. In addition, Porsche wins in terms of driving, as it has a standard power steering. This feature allows you to make the trip at any speed as comfortable as possible. 4C can not boast of such control of driving. Porsche wheels are slightly longer, which makes the ride smoother. As for the distribution of weight in the front and back, here Porsche is slightly better than its competitor. It is worth noting that the weight distribution in the front and rear of this car is more even than that of the 4C car. As a result, this gives more control over the brakes and greater handling. A good maneuverability Porsche provides a circle of reversal, which is 4.4 less than the competitor.

Passenger Space

A tall person will also be more comfortable in the Porsche cabin, as it is slightly larger than the 4C cabin. There is more space for both legs and shoulders.

Cargo Capacity

The space in the luggage compartment of a Porsche car is also greater than that of a 4s. Another convenient thing is that the control of opening and closing the trunk is automated. The driver can open the trunk simply by raising his hand to the logo. This is very convenient when your hands are busy shopping.


If several drivers use a Porsche car, the car remembers this and makes it as convenient as possible for each driver. This system remembers all the settings that were comfortable for the previous driver. These are the steering settings, the height of the seat, the temperature in the cabin and others. And it adjusts these settings for each driver individually. You will not need to “tune the car for yourself” every time, as they will do everything on their own.  4C does not have such a function.

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Porsche also has an optional entry system that raises the steering wheel and lowers the seats when the ignition is turned off or the door is not locked. 4C doesn’t have that. Porsche has an oil pressure gauge that 4C does not have. This device can save your engine in time by turning on the oil pressure sensor. 

The window controls in Porsche and 4C are also different. Here  they turn on with one touch of the switches, while in 4C they must be constantly held. By location, these buttons are a little more convenient for Porsche since they are located on the armrests, while in 4C they are on the dashboard. If you do not take your eyes off the road, then they are very difficult to notice. This fact may interfere with the driver. 

It also worth noting that there re the extra features that Porsche offers. The driver can unlock the door, trunk or start the engine without removing the keys from the pocket. Therefore, the drivers of such a vehicle may forget how hard it is to look for keys in pockets or bags when your hands are busy with purchases. 4C can not yet boast of such amenities.

The Porsche fuel door may lock. It is very convenient for the driver and prevents vandalism and theft of gasoline.

As for the wipers, they are also different for these cars. At Porsche, they are automated and automatically turn on and adjust depending on the weather outside. This brings added convenience to the driver. 4C wipers also adjust the speed, like the Porsche, but they do not turn on automatically.

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Porsche also offers a headlight washer which the 4C does not have. The headlights are also automated and turn on and off in the dark if the engine is running. 4C doesn’t have that. And for more comfortable turns, Porsche has adaptive headlights for cornering. In addition, Porsche has sensitive light sensors that can darken the main beam as necessary. This all makes driving a Porsche definitely more convenient and safer in the dark.

As for the control of mirrors, the situation here is the same as with the lowering glass buttons. At the Porsche they are on the armrests, and at 4C on the panel, which makes them not accessible while the driver is looking at the road. In addition, Porsche mirrors are adjusted, recline and change their position, which makes their use as comfortable as possible. 4C doesn’t have that. Additional rear and side view mirrors in Porsche can be darkened, which will prevent blindness of the driver. 4C cannot boast of auto-dimming mirrors.

In the cold season, for example, in winter or late autumn, it will be more convenient for the driver and passenger to be in Porsche, as this car offers heated seats, which 4C does not have. 

In addition, Porsche has a dual-zone air conditioner that allows you to choose a comfortable temperature for both the driver and the passenger. And automatic temperature control constantly monitors the temperature and changes the settings of the air conditioner in order to maintain it at the level. 4C does not offer such function.

Porsche has a filtration system which the competitor does not have. This system removes dust, exhaust fumes from the cab. This prevents any pollution in the cab. Your lungs will always be safe from exhaust fumes. This feature is very important for the health of the driver.

Porsche has cruise control, which 4C does not have. This feature allows you to change speed without driver intervention.

The 718 Boxster S has a steering wheel audio system that the competitor does not have. This system makes driving more comfortable.

Porsche also has smartphone integration for passenger and driver. 4C does not have such a function. This allows the driver and passenger to surf the Internet, turn on the radio and other functions without taking their eyes off the road. Porsche’s navigation can update traffic in real time and get directions considering traffic jams. In 4C, such a system is not built-in.

Porsche also has voice control, which the competitor does not have. This makes Porsche driving more comfortable and hassle-free.

Economic Advantages

It is also more profitable to contain a Porsche than a 4C car and a five-year insurance is cheaper. In addition, much more can be gained for this car during resale. This makes it even more economical for the buyer. After five beta, such a car will retain more than half of its original price. This makes Porsche a very profitable long-term purchase.


Of course, the winner of this race is Porsche. This car defeats all competitors on all fronts. Not only with his style, which it certainly impresses, but also with Other functions. This car is safer than all competitors. This is provided by convenient mirrors, and additional headlights for turns, and dimming mirrors. A lot of the features that we described earlier make this car as safe as possible and the driving it is very convenient. It will give the driver many additional amenities such as voice control, automatic door and trunk opening. The space in this car, both luggage and passenger, is also greater. In addition, buying a Porsche is also more profitable, in five years it will save half of its original cost. So here the Porsche 718 Boxster S is an absolute winner.

Porsche 718 Boxster on the road

Porsche is the absolute winner