TOP 10 Best Night Driving Sunglasses Review 2020

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Night driving sunglasses are called to decrease the tenseness of both dazzling white and vehicle blue lights which come from the traffic and street lights. Moreover, they reduce reflections by means of well-designed polarised lenses. If you are a truckman or you just drive often at nighttime, this kind of glasses is a godsend. They not only take care of your eyes against traffic lights but increase the sharpness of eyesight. It goes without saying that these lens is +100 to your driving comfort and road safety.

Our editor has independently researched, tested a dozen of night lenses and picked TOP-3 products for you.

3 Weighty Reasons to Get Them

  • Bye-bye, stress. It’s no secret our mind and body could get stress, so do eyes. What could happen if you drive without any protection once or twice? Nothing serious. However, the stress is a cumulative effect. Many drivers or auto enthusiasts simply decide to lean to the steering wheel or just get closer in order to get a better visibility. Unfortunately, it’s inevitably lead to stress, thus you will have so-called ‘watery eyes. Thus, in turn, you will have to dry them regularly, this will be simply distracting you from driving. Finely made glasses are aimed to prevent straining your eyesight protecting your eyes from aggressive traffic lights.
  • Better visibility. By wearing these lens, you will surely be able to see better during the whole evening, fizzy weather and, it goes without saying, during night. Less glare means more safety and control — in the end it means better driving.

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  • Non-stop care. Just think about it: eyes is a human organ that works approximately 16+ hours a day. Since eyes are very sensitive by themselves and if you add in low-light roads or other conditions, care is required. You need to take care of your eyes especially when driving at bad weather conditions or driving at night. Finely made eyewear guarantees you won’t get photophobia: to explain it in a few words, it’s intolerance to traffic lights that in turn leads to dizziness.

Consider These Things Before Purchase

Speaking about the moment when you’re choosing the best model of all available ones, it’s better have a clear understanding where to pay attention and things to watch out. Giving you a hand ,there are 3 things to consider before purchasing NDG and be precise with your final word.

#1 Material

There are 2-3 types of materials glasses could be made of. The most popular one is polycarbonate. It’s #1 because of its affordable price and durability. If you or, say, your kids drop them by chance, they will not shatter. In comparison with plastic, polycarbonate weights less, but it’s still high-quality. However, don’t make pipe dreams from polycarbonate glasses in case you don’t have a prescription. 

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#2 What’s with the tint?

If you are contemplating on getting NDG, first you need to understand that tinting is not  “polarization”. Starting with tint: it could be described like a shade that raises product usability. As you may have noticed, the majority of night driving glasses are yellow, nevertheless, you may choose any color you want. 

Why does the majority of people pick the yellow lens? Even though yellow is very ‘positive’ and bright, these are not all major reasons people choose it. Yellow means anti-glare and it equals the fact that you see the road, significantly reducing eyes stress and enjoy driving. What is more, both traffic and street lights do not match with yellow shades at all. The one and only drawback yellow lenses may have is that colors can be distorted in some time. However, it’s not that bad since yellow color guarantees that even if your eyesight sharpness has dropped, you would still see silhouettes. 

#3 When Size Matters

The last but not the least thing to choose is how your NDG is going to fit. Since speaking about NDG safety comes first, you have to make sure the one you pick fits you really well. You should not choose glasses because of haute-couture, brand or just nice design. The primary reason is to feel comfortable in glasses since you’re going to wear them for many months ahead. Check pictures of models offered below and see what suits you the most. 

Tight or loose? This is NOT a question like Shakespeare would say. Seeking for a pair of NDG, you seek for extreme grip, so comfort should be out of compromise. If a chosen model feels loose for you, you’d better return this product back as well as if it is too tight, it’s better to choose another one. If your eyewear is loose, they will be constantly sliding out. Even though ‘tight device’ could seem to be a great decision at first sight, in reality, you have all chances “to be gifted” with poor blood circulation.

#4 What is polarization and why it matters?

When you are seeking for a finely made pair, polarized lens is an important part. They wave ‘bye’ to horizontal lighting. It means that glaring limit is one. Another advantage of polarized glasses that the shade will never fade out and it’s all-natural. Even though these models are usually more expensive, they are at the peak of the market nowadays. The little drawback of polarized glasses as they over block it — the block out both types of lighting: LED and LCD. However, if you don’t need to read road panels, no need to pay attention to it.

There’s also another kind of polarization glasses, it’s coated film over the top of regular model. In comparison with the previous polarized mode, this one is relatively cheaper. However, month by month it loses both its shade and its polarization. 

Giving you a full picture, we’ll talk about the third type of polarization: it has internal customization. Yes, here the whole protective process happens ‘inside”, however, here have to be sure in a seller who offers this type of lens, because this type of polarization could only be designed in a lab. The biggest advantage of this method of polarization is that no tint will fade.

Technical Terms

Polarization. As mentioned before, polarized lenses significantly reduce glare from oncoming traffic. How does polarization works? Since the surface, you look at (road, field, etc.) is horizontal, all lights come horizontally. When you wear polarized eyewear, polarization filter managed to block glare by means of filtering out all hori-waves. Those ones simply cannot enter via the chemical laminate patterns. However, sometimes polarized lens may block too much light, so they are not recommended if you spend 7+ hours a day driving.

UVA and UVB. Even these glasses are often being called “sunglasses”, many drivers wear them during both nighttime and daytime, so they have 3-in-1 product. The nicely designed lens stands for both UVA and UVB types of protection, even though it’s not a big deal if you drive only at night.

Night Driving Sunglasses Model Types 

There are 3 types of glasses design:

  • full rim
  • the heaviest model of all offered, it’s quite popular and not that heavy to disturb you from driving. In this classical model where lenses are fully attached to the frames. You may choose rubber or, say, titanium material. They suit men and women plus come in many tints and styles.
  • no rim
  • If you are seeking for the lightest eyewear of all possible, choose rimless ones. No frame — lighter weight. One cannot claim rimless models are less reliable — its frame is usually made of durable material.
  • semi-rim
  • Not defined between rimless and full-rimmed ? Choose a semi-rimless model. This is a combination of both designs; this hybrid model will keep the frame over the top of lenses, but there won’t be any arm in the bottom. In comparison with full-rimmed models, they are modern, bold, but still less heavy.

Best Night Driving Sunglasses: Editor’s Pick

Our TOP-10 Night Driving Glasses Review

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IONFORM is a Japanese company that manufactures sunglasses, so genuine IONFORM night driving sunglasses stand for excellent quality. Its protective technology is quite impressive and was designed in Japan. Even though these glasses are fully-framed,  this model is a lightweight thing made of fine plastic. 

Thanks to the secondary anti-reflective coat and yellow lenses, you have correct visual perception; the IONFORM glasses performance exceed all expectations.

• Anti-reflection lens
• Top UV protection: UV400
• Style that suits everybody
• Lightweight frames
• No glasses case
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Founded in 2015, BLUEPOND is focused on sunglasses and sportswear. Even though this model guarantees excellent UV protection (UV400), the company’s disclaimer does not guarantee noticeable glare reduction. However, BLUPOND glasses boast of titanium, carbon, and polycarbonate which is a good quintessence for consistent coverage that won’t fade. Speaking about its design, it has aluminum-magnesium frames which are extremely durable.

• Top UV protection: UV400
• Modern and reliable design
• Glasses case
• No guarantee for glare protection
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Even though SOXICK is not a separate brand, this seller provides great quality and captivating price. Superior glasses with polarization and lenses designed from 10 (!) different layers — this is all about SOXICK. 

Thanks to shatter-proof German resin, this model is great in wear. Another fact is that these lenses is the only device on our list that use convex lenses with coatings in between. This provides excellent performance since the contrast is being generated from the yellow tint is even clearer.

• Finely made lens with German resin
• Boast of 10 layers
• Durable aluminum-magnesium frames
• Better works with contrast than with glare
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This pair was specially designed for night driving. What differs these glasses from other pair? It has one striking difference: no heavily yellow lenses which block all the light, thus it provides excellent performance. Low yellow tint lets in the right amount of light in: it protects you from traffic lights and at the same time does not distort the picture.

• Offers excellent low-yellow tint
• Hygroscopic lenses
• Made of durable polycarbonate
• A bit more expensive than other models
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These photochromic device is a quintessence of durable metal frame, nice design (with 66mm. lens in width) and TAC polarized lens. According to the producer, it reduces the blinding glare and protects from sun rays with UV400. Thus, this model is multi-purpose thing and can save you money. Moreover, it has a rare semi-rimmed frame that both offers lightweight design and guarantees durability.

• Wide lenses length
• Multi-purpose sunglasses 
• Lower price in comparison with other models
• Semi-rimmed frame
• No brand specified
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The name speaks for itself: Eagle Eyes provide micro-infused yellow lenses called to take care about your eyes protecting them from traffic glare and street lights. A rare model offers classic aviator design, so here you don’t have to choose between quality and look; they are both for male and females. As for its performance, Eagle Eyes offer special non-polarized lenses that perfectly enhance visual contrast and raise eyesight sensitivity during the night.

• Durable frame material
• Inner lens coat
• Nice classical design
• Non-polarized technology (may be a con if you
are looking for multi-purpose glasses)
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Thede anti-reflective and non-polarized lens perfectly reduce eye strain and glare from oncoming vehicles at nights. Specially designed for men, these glasses are 58mm width, 45mm height, 138 mm arm and 15mm bridge. The aluminum-magnesium metal frame guarantees durability; at the same time, ATTCL night driving sunglasses are very lightweight, just 20 grams.

• Specially designed for men
• Multi-purpose: perfect both for night driving and outdoor activities
• Lower price in comparison with other products
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If you have been seeking for comfy wrap around night glasses, this is it. These glasses offer composite and polarized lens with 63 mm in width. Thanks to its reliable plastic frame, they have lightweight and ergonomic design. Moreover, it was specially designed for wearing over prescription eyewear, so if you cannot find clip-on glasses, it could be a great alternative. Yellow filters lenses protect from aggressive oncoming traffic lights and enhance overall clarity at night by means of increasing eye fatigue.

• Possible wear over prescription 
• Rare comfy wrap model
• Comes with a microfiber pouch
• Sometimes bright yellow filter can absorb too much blue lights
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Enhanced night vision glasses from KastKing will suit for night driving, fishing and even computer work. Since it increases visual clarity, it improves eyesight at night as well as in foggy conditions. 1.0 mm lenses are 35% thicker than standard thus it provides excellent protection and durability of glasses. Ergonomic nose pads and durable hinge guarantees these glasses will last for many months.

• 35% thicker lens than other models 
• Multi-purpose sunglasses
• Frames made from Grilamid material
• Available in different designs 
• Extremely yellow tint could be aggressive
for eye strain
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As mentioned before, Eagle Eyes is a brand offering a wide selection of different glasses including polarized sunglasses with UVA, UVB protection as well as blue light protection. Boasting with a composite frame and lens, this product is a nice combination of ergonomic design and high-quality. With the lens width of 60 mm, it suits both men and women. According to Eagle Eyes, it blocks 99% of UVA and UVB as well as works perfectly during twilight. 

• TriLenium polarized lens blocks blue light
about 95%
• Block UVA and UVB
• Composite frame
• Good for twilight, but not enough for night driving

Best Pick 

Even though Lumin night driving glasses are a bit more expensive than other products, its low-yellow tint is a find for those who seek for durable night driving sunglasses that protect both from oncoming traffic and blue lights. No heavily tinted lenses guarantee eyes comfort and excellent protection.


How long night driving sunglasses will last?

It depends on the frequency of wear and general condition. Say, if you keep the lens without any cover and there are many scratches and tears, you’ll need new ones pretty soon. If you keep them in a cover and there are no dents or scratches, say, from keys, they will serve you up to several years.

What’s the best place for purchase?

There’s a widely held myth you’ve to go to a store and try on all possible models, usually it’s a waste of time. Online shopping stands for saving your precious time, offer significantly lower prices and offers bonuses and well as return policy as well. In addition, the primary feature of any night driving sunglasses is high-quality, the main function stands for protecting your eyes and such diversity of finely-made sunglasses could be found only online.

Is it safe to drive in them?

If you get finely made ones, they will be a godsend. However, there are many brands which just state they sell good quality products. Low-quality lenses won’t kill your eyes, but won’t do you any good or may even significantly lower your eyesight after all. So the primary thing you need to make sure is that the seller’s products went through FDA and can guarantee product goodness. It goes without saying a pair of finely made night driving glasses takes away all glare from oncoming traffic.


Before purchasing night driving glasses ask yourself:

  • how many hours a day you would wear them
  • which weather conditions you face most frequently
  • any prescriptions from your doctor 
  • if design is important for you 
  • what’s the most important protection you’re looking for (UVB or UVA or blue lights or oncoming traffic lights).

Once you have answered all of these questions, you would easily pick a pair of night sunglasses and enjoy your comfy driving experience.