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We see the world in color, and the world is often at its most beautiful when those colors are bright and vibrant. Taking this idea and applying it to those products which allow us to see when we otherwise could not, like with lights, is at the core of Akarui’s philosophy. Drawing from the Japanese word which means “bright” or “colorful,” Akarui aims to provide unsurpassed illumination on the road with a rigorous standard not often found among competitors.

Everyone says that they are the best, but Akarui demands that it is the best. This is not simply a matter of profit, though if you make the best product you will definitely succeed. But the drive for excellence extends well-beyond simple dollars and cents for Akarui understands that there is an art to all things. By doing the best at whatever you do, not only will you be successful, but you will also have achieved something of significance and contributed something positive back into the world. Even more so, the very nature of Akarui’s LED lights for cars as an instrument of vehicle safety impresses further the importance that these products are the best available.


There is no inherent need to focus on cutting all the corners just to save a buck if at the end you do not achieve anything good for the world. This philosophy drove a 27-year-old Sakamoto Yoshito to found Akarui in 2005 and continues to inform the development and refinement of Akarui products to this very day. From those early days to today, many things have changed for Akarui, and Akarui has made sure change right along with it.

Today, Akarui products are manufactured in their Shenzhen factory in China, but the location is pretty much the only thing that changed in that process. Akarui still demands the highest standards of their products which means they also demand the highest standards of quality from their factory. In fact, Sakamoto Yoshito still directly oversees the running of his company, eager to continue growing and improving on their products.


While others may expect you to take their word for it, we understand that the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. That is why Akarui prides itself on using the highest quality components currently used in high-end consumer LED headlight conversion kits. Sourcing primarily from CREE, Akarui demonstrates its commitment to the best products by paying significantly more produce their LEDs than some other less expensive conversion kit brands. For those of you in the know, CREE is not only one of the top LED manufacturers in the world--they practically invented the market.

This again shows the core philosophy of the company, prizing quality over profits with the understanding that the first inevitably leads to the second. We are pleased to invite you to take this journey with us as we continue to improve and innovate. That last bit should really stand out more though as Akarui has seen what the top-tier competitors can do. By figuring out where their competitors’ product is weaker, Akarui is able to figure out what you actually need.


It is not simply good enough to see what everyone else is doing and do the same thing. By finding out in what ways halogen bulbs could be improved to provide a better experience for the customer, Akarui is able to address those needs specifically with each revision. For example, the Akarui noticed that customers of 55W headlights often found their led conversion kit overheating. This could lead to anything from discoloring the headlight covers to melting the headlight orbit.

In order to prevent this same issue from plaguing Akarui products, our LED headlights use more and larger cooling fans. The result is twice as much airflow than some of the most highly regarded HID bulbs on the market. However, Akarui actually had to tweak the design that the majority of LED headlight kit manufacturers more or less defaulted to. That “default” approach simply will not fly with Akarui, and this is most prominently demonstrated in another distinction: the LED bulb.

Because LED headlight bulbs work differently than halogen headlights, they run into a particular electrical issue that every brand has to figure out. Again, there is a general trend in the market--even amongst some of the most respected brands. This solution involves using a slightly lower powered LED bulb so that the electronics are easier to manage.

However, Sakamoto Yoshito and Akarui saw this and realized that the solution should be approached differently. Instead of throttling the LED light bulb, Akarui uses some of the brightest LED bulbs made for conversion kits and instead redesigned the reflector. This allows the Akarui lights to manage the electronic issue with a completely different component altogether and creates some of the brightest headlights available. In this way, the Akarui is designed to overcome and reinforce itself rather than fit within the easiest box like others do--even if it is less effective.

To be the best, you must demand the best. Don’t you demand the best too?