RoofBag Car Top Carrier Installation


If you are keen on auto trips but you hate facing the problem of fitting luggage into the vehicle and you don’t really want to wind up with things around the car’s interior…well, we have a solution. The market is full of up-to-date racks and bags, so using conventional items you can put into your auto everything you want. As a rule, such bags are made of special waterproof material. Installing such a bag is very simple and won’t take you more than 10 mins.

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Benefits of using

Using such accessories has many advantages. It’s additional space and a hint of style. Moreover, these bags are waterproof so you can be sure none of your belongings will be spoiled.

Installation. Step-by-step instruction

  1. First, clean your car roof. It is advisable to install this accessory on the protective mat since it minimizes the possibility of scratches.
  2. You can set it yourself, but it will be much more convenient if you ask for help to hold the bag on the other side. Put the bag between the rails on the roof of your car. Make sure that the swag is smaller from the distance between the rails. Spread the rails as far as possible to the maximum latitude, if your machine’s frame allows it. It is very important that the edges of the bag did not fit close to them and did not overlap them.
  3. Load the bag with things. Try to place luggage evenly inside the bag and try to avoid unbalance.
  4. Tighten the straps on the bag.
  5. Fasten the bag maximally tight to the rails on the roof of your car.
  6. Remove the boom from the boot in the reverse order. You can easily do it yourself.

Safety tips

It is a very convenient accessory to use, but it also requires attention and sticking to safety rules. First of all, make sure that you securely fasten the bag to the roof of your car. All belts must be tightened securely. Secondly, it is very important to monitor the balance. Things should be distributed evenly over the roof. Do not overload such bags and never carry more weight on the roof than expected. When driving with such a bag, avoid any sharp turns and fast driving.


 Do you need to have cross bars or will this bag fasten securely with just front to back rails?

There are various models so you will choose the one according to your roof.

 Will this work on a 2 door car with a sunroof and no roof rack?

You can pick up models and fix it on any car with any type of roof.

 Can I put a roof bag on a sunroof?

It is not recommended to place the cruise directly on the hatch. This can increase pressure, so here you need need to use additional crossbars in order to hold the bag.

 How much weight can a car roof support?

It depends on how much weight your roof can support. On average, most cars can carry around 165 pounds.

 What happens if I put too much weight in a car?

Too much weight on the roof of your car can damage your car and accelerate its wear. This is an unnecessary extra load on some car systems.

Using this accessory will help you to simplify your trip since you can carry more baggage with no troubles at all. However, keep in mind you should be careful with a roof weight. Remember the safety rules. First, never overload your bag — each model has the maximum allowable weight. Keep in mind that transporting more is dangerous. In addition, remember that you now need to drive carefully and avoid sharp turns.