BEST Solar Car Battery Chargers (TOP3) – 2019

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Today a lot of people use sunlight as a source of free energy. Using batteries that use it you can charge various devices that require electrical energy. Modern batteries that turn solar energy into electrical energy can also be used in automobiles too. Portable panels for cars work according to the same principles as the bulky solar panels that are used to seeing in solar power plants. The models are similar and differ only in the amount of electricity that they can produce. A lot of models of batteries for car have a regulator that prevents overcharging the car battery.

Advantages of using this device.

Using solar energy has many advantages. Firstly, it is a free source of energy that can be found almost everywhere. In order to charge such a gadget, you need only one resource — the sunlight. And nature has given us this resource for free use. Secondly, this gadget does not harm the environment. Recently, a lot of people are switching to sources of electricity that do not harm the environment. Solar energy is one of the most popular eco-friendly sources of electricity. Such source of energy is suitable for those people who worry about the preservation of the environment and leads an eco-friendly lifestyle. Solar panels are perfect for people who like travelling. On long trips, when there is no way to constantly look for sources of energy, a gadget that turns sunlight into electricity will be very relevant. No one is safe from unforeseen situations on long trips. It may happen that your battery runs out when you are away from another source of electricity. In such cases, chargers that use alternative energy sources will be very useful. And solar chargers are some of the most convenient.


How do this charger work?

Solar panels operate on the principle of converting sunlight into electrical energy or heat. Modern solar chargers consist of a chain of solar cells — semiconductor devices that convert solar energy directly into electric current. The process of converting solar energy into electric current is called the photoelectric effect.

Do solar panels work at night?

No. Solar panels do not work in the dark. It can only be used in the daytime.

Do I need find direct sunlight to charge my solar panel?

No. There is not necessary to find direct sunlight.  But it is advisable to find the most sunlight place.

Can I use it if I have not electricity car?

It is a portable charger that converts solar energy into electrical energy. You can use it to recharge any device, including device in your car.

How many watts it can create?

Using it, you can generate from 5 watts of electricity. But there are models that can produce up to 18 watts. It is depends on a lot of factors. You can find model that will be the most suitable for your needs.

What are the differences between different models for a car?

All solar panels work on the similar principle. Difference is that some models have a regulator. Device with this regulator prevent overcharging the car battery. Using such panel you will increase its life.

Types of solar panels for car.

There are  different model of this gadget. They differ from each other in how much energy they can generate. Some models also have voltage regulator that protected battery in your car from overcharging. Also, some models are weatherproofed.

Product review.

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The first device that we will look at today in this review is a universal model – ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger. This model is universal as it can be used in any car. It can charge 12V batteries and can create 5 watts of energy. Also you can buy such panel that produce  7.5 watts. It weighs only 323g and sizes 320x128x4mm. No-load voltage is 18-23VDC and load voltage is 18V. You should pay attention that this model has a in-bild blocking diode. It is very important for prolong a duration of uninterrupted operation of the car battery.

You do should not be worry about the absence of direct sunlight or about the fact that you can not charge the battery on a not very sunny days. This model is made of high-quality materials, very easy to use and have good design. Another advantage of it model is weatherproofed. Note that this model has the ability to charge via cigarette lighter. It means that you do not have to constantly open the hood when you need turn battery on. It makes this model even more to use.

Pros and cons. The advantages of this model are compactness, availability voltage regulator, the ability to choose charging more and less power, energy saving, ability to charge through the cigarette lighter, waterproof, the ability to choose charging more and less power. Disadvantage – it is weatherproofed only for little rain, not completely rainproof.

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The next model that we will look at today is Versatile 18W Solar Panel. It can also be called universal because you can use it to recharge vehicles for various purposes — from snowblowers to tractors. The accumulators of cars can also be charged without problems using this device too. No-load voltage of this model is 18-23 VDC and load voltage is 18V.

You can be sure that this model will last you a long time as it is made of high quality materials. The charger is convenient not only in installation and use, but also in storage. It is very important that Versatile 18W Solar Panel has a voltage regulator. With it you protect the car battery from overcharging. It is an important factor that affects the duration of uninterrupted operation of car the battery. It weighs only 345g and sizes 420 x 280 x 2.0mm. You can not be afraid of a drop in temperature, water, cold or heat as this panel is made of materials. Versatile 18W also has the ability to charge via cigarette lighter.

Pros and cons. The advantages of this model are universality, voltage regulator, ability to charge via cigarette lighter.  Disadvantage – it is bigger than another similar models, not such compact like another models, it isn’t weatherproofed.

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The latest item for today’s review is ECO-WORTHY. ECO-WORTHY is also suitable for different  cars and can produce up to 5 watts of electricity. This battery also fits well with any car model due to its versatile design. The model is also in no way inferior to competitors and weighs 345 grams and sizes 320x128x4mm like similar solar panels from other manufacturers. Therefore, it will be convenient for people who buy this gadget for getting on trips, it needs less space in the car. It can charge 12V batteries and can produce 5 watts. Also, you can find such  battery that can produce 7.5 watts. No-load voltage is 18-23VDC and load voltage is 18V. It is convenient to use and its installation will not be difficult, but it recommends setting it at angle 20-35 degree. You also worth paying attention to the fact that this model also has the ability to charge through the cigarette lighter. It has also environmental protection and energy saving what sets this battery apart from similar models. It is very important that this model has a voltage regulator thanks to which the battery in your car will be protected from overcharging. The disadvantage of ECO-WORTHY is that this charger is not weatherproofed that why you can’t use it in any weather.

Pros and cons. The advantages of this model include compactness, availability voltage regulator, the ability to choose charging more and less power, energy saving, ability to charge through the cigarette lighter . Disadvantage – it isn’t weatherproofed.

Buyer’s Guide.

The solar battery is the best way to prevent unexpected situations connected with the lack of electricity in the car. Choosing such a gadget, pay attention for what situation you need it. Firstly look at the maximum charge that this or that model can produce.

Pay attention to the presence of a regulator that will prevent overcharging the car battery. Models with regulator will not only provide you with electric energy in unforeseen situations, but will save car’s battery from overcharging and prolong its life. Also, pay attention to whether it is waterproof. For installation outside the car or for cars such as snow plows, lawn mowers or tractors, it is certainly better to choose waterproofed models. When installing a full-night battery on the windshield inside the cabin, you can choose a non-waterproof model.