BEST Spare Tire Bike Racks (TOP3)


Many cyclists run into difficulties of transporting bikes over long distances. The problem is a bike simply does not fit inside the vehicle,  but it’s convenient to transport on the roof or attach it to the back. You can fix it to the back of your car with Bike Racks. 

There are several types of Bike Racks that we will cover in the article and one of them is Spare Tire Bike Racks. It is the most comfortable way to fix the bike on the back of a car. You can fix up to 5 bicycles on the back of your car with the help of this device. Today, in the review, we will pay more attention to bike stands like that? we will show you the advantages of the product, types available and we will describe three popular models that you need to pay attention to. Moreover, we will reveal to you some secrets that will surely help you to choose the best item.

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Advantages of using

The main advantage of this product is that it will be convenient for you to transport bicycles so this sports equipment is dimensional and cannot be put in the trunk so this stand will be very convenient for transporting bicycles. Stands and straps for securing bicycles are universal and easy to install. You can use them in different cars. They are convenient to fix it, so you can do it yourself 

Types of bike rack

You can find the three most popular types of these products. There are hitch-mounted, roof-mounted and strap or truck mounted.

Hitch-Mounted Racks

You can install it to a hitch of a car. This way of installation is very convenient so it is very easy to fix bikes at the back. If you are a lucky owner of the roof-mounted racks, you will be able to fix up to 5 bikes with it. Moreover, you can attach this stund to cars of different models, designs and sizes.

Roof Mounted Racks

You can fix a bike on the car roof using this device. Moreover, it is good not only for transporting bicycles but for other goods. One of advantages of this type is that space near the back and all doors will be open, not cluttered. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages as well. Firstly you need to carefully measure the height of the tunnels you are driving into. In addition, things on the roof increase aerodynamic drag, which increases fuel consumption so riding with this device made your pay more for fuel.

Strap racks

In fact, your bikes are attached only to a car with belts. This option is the cheapest, but not the safest. If you rivet bikes unsteadily, you may lose them on your way.

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Things to Watch Out For

Choosing it, first, pay attention to how many bicycles can be transported using this bike stand. You can find models for two bicycles on the market. However, there are big models, witch сan handle up to 5 bicycles. In addition, look at the load capacity of a particular model. There are different models on the market: from the smallest ones to tire bike racks which can handle up to 5 bicycles, but they have a small load capacity. In this case, these 5 bicycles should be small and light. Do not choose this model if your bikes are heavy. Also, pay attention to the mount. Belts can be a cheap option, but it is not very reliable. See also if the bike stand can be folded back. Some models allow you to open space near the back and do not remove bicycles so it is convenient. Also, pay attention to whether this stand guarantees the defense from theft. Some models have a lock mechanism that prevents the theft.

Safety tips

You should remember about safety when you fix the bike on this stand. We have shared a few rules that would help you ensure comfortable and safe transportation of bicycles on a bike stand.


First, make sure that you install it well in the car. If you use items with belts make sure that all belts are of high quality, without defects and are firmly attached. 

Loading bike. Fix the bikes according to all the regulations specified by the manufacturer. Make sure the bikes are not loose and tight. If you use bike stands with belts, be sure to fasten the belts as tightly as possible.

Balance and weight. Installing bikes, make sure that there is no imbalance. Never overload bike stands and fasten no more bikes than indicated in the specifications of a particular model.

A trip. Remember that bicycles are attached to your trunk. Drive carefully. Keep tracking your speed and turns. You may lose your bike driving fast or simply cornering.

Product review

Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks

The first option that we will look at today in this article is Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks. This is a bike stand that holds up to three bikes. The carrying capacity is 105 LB. The dimensions are 13.2 x 26.8 x 25.2 inches (0.64 meters). The weight is 21.8 pounds (ca. 10 kg). This model attaches to hitch. It’s suitable for different models of vehicles and can fix different bikes. Using this stand you shouldn’t take off your bikes in order to gain access to the trunk since the stand leans back.

Pros Cons
● A small and lightweight bike stand
● It is unconditional advantage
● It’s also good that you can fold it back and open access to car’s back without taking off bicycles
● It’s comfortable
● Low carrying capacity
● 105 LB is not enough for three
● You should keep this in mind and carry only
small bicycles
yakima FullSwing

The next option that we will look at today is Yakima FullSwing. It is a very good model. If you need an item using that you want to transport a lot of bikes. You can fix up to 4 bikes using this model. The carrying capacity is 150lb (ca. 68 kg). Also, it attaches to the hitch of a car. You can install it yourself without any problems. The dimensions are 47.5 x 26 x 17.5 inches (ca. 44 centimeters). The weight is 83 pounds. Integrated locking cables deter potential thieves if you need to go away from your car. In addition, your bikes will be securely fixed thanks to a reliable mounting system.

Pros Cons
● Multi-seat bike stand
● Please note that up to 4 bicycles can be placed here
● At the same time, the carrying capacity of this model is only 150
● Please note that bicycles should not be too
large and heavy so as not to exceed this weight
● Very overall and heavy model
● It may look hard on small cars
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire

The last option that we will look at today in this article is Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire. This bike stand can hold up to two bikes. Carrying capacity is 140lb (ca. 64 kg). This model is attached to the hitch of the car. The dimensions are 4.3 x 28.7 x 13.4 inches (ca. 34 centimeters) The weight is 9.4 pounds (4.26 kg). This model is very reliable. Patented individual tie-down that there is in this model secure and protect bicycles.

Pros Cons
● It has patented individual tie-down. We think
safety of your bikes is an important thing that weshould pay attention, therefore it is the main
advantages of this model
● We also noted that this model is light and not
overall. It will take up little space on car
● Also, due to its small size, it will be convenient
to store.
● It takes up little space in your garage
● Transporting this bike stand will also be very
● Carrying capacity is 140lb (ca. 64 kg). It is a very good carrying capacity. You can transport very heavy bicycles without worrying about their
● Only 2 bikes available to be transported


 How many bike I can transport using it?

You can transport up to 5 bicycles. There are also models for fewer bikes. You can surely find the model that suits your needs.

What is the carrying capacity of such bike stands? 

Different models have different load capacities. You can find a bike stand with load capacities 100 lb (ca. 45 kg) and 150 lb (ca. 68 kg).

Is it removable?

Yes, it is removable. You can install and remove it as needed. As mentioned, it is very convenient and easy to install.

 Are these items universal?

Yes. You can use them in various cars. They differ from each other only in the number of bicycles that can be fixed with their help and maximum weight.

What size hitch do I need for using it?

There are models that are fitted for various sizes. Look at the dimensions of your car and choose a bike stand based on this.

Do I need a hitch for a bike rack?

No. It’s not obligatory. You can choose another model. For example, a roof rack, which can also be used to transport bicycles.

Buyer’s Guide

There is no doubt that it is more convenient to transport bicycles using tire bike racks. However, the decision to purchase this product is certainly the right one, but you should remember that this purchase can not be spontaneous. Carefully analyze your needs, how many bicycles you have, what size and weight they are. Do not forget about security so not buy the cheapest or easiest option. Pay attention to the quality of fastenings of the bike stand to the car and good fix bike. There are models that allow you to attach your bike with the key. When you will be the owner of spare tire bike racks, you will notice all the advantages of using it. But now you will need to remember that bicycles are fixed behind the car and drive more carefully.

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