The Best Bungee Cords in 2020


Are you seeking for a handy way to secure goods on your vehicle’s roof rack? Are you in search of dependable bungee cords to secure a load in your auto’s trunk? What if you want to keep it to the yard work? Then this review is sure will give you a hand — we have selected and tested out the best bungee cords on the market. The majority of them will fit not only to use for autos but for working sites as well. Here you don’t have to worry that these bungee cords will tear apart or something bad will happen with them. Very reliable, from famous brands and appreciated by numerous customers — these are bungee cords we offer you to take a look at.

It does not matter you have already had a set of bungee cords, they have worn out and now you’re seeking for a new set or you’re in search of the very first bungee cords in your life. Even a single bungee cord could be an irreplaceable item when you need to put something in your auto’s trunk so make it fit.

Pay attention to the section ‘Things to Watch Out’ to select the best goods that suit your needs and your vehicle. Taking into account all the specifications mentioned, you will be able to choose resilient and reliable goods in no time. 

What exactly stands for a bungee cord?

Thanks to its great specifications and mix of materials used, a bungee cord offers a wide range of applications. This dependable thing is more than just a convenient item, it boasts of great facilitates when it comes to the fixation of any goods in your car’s trunk.

To begin with, bungee cords are designed to be elastic, it’s a rule of thumb they have to be made of elastic materials. Depending on the type of the material, design and the producer, one or more ‘rubber’ threads could be inside a bungee cord. This elastic core provides high elasticity to the item. It can easily be stretched in length two to three times. Such an item allows you to adjust the tension and securely fix any loads.

On top of all mentioned, it boasts of several threads made of different materials. Depending on the type of gum, the thread can be natural or synthetic. However, it’s not that reasonable to judge which one is better because a finely made bungee cord usually uses from 2 to 4 materials. As for the color, a bungee cord is usually multi-color so you can easily see what kind of threads are used. Thus, one gives reliable protection and allows for great performance.

As a rule, in the end, any elastic bungee cords have steel or plastic hooks. If it’s the latter, pay attention to the plastic hooks since they have to be reliable by all means. They have to be reliable enough to prevent the material from accidentally slipping when transporting any goods in your vehicle. All in all, the whole construction is needed to prevent slipping of the hooks, as well as to fix the length of the bungee cords.


It’s hard to divide all bungee cords to some types, however, we’d like to highlight some specifications they could be still separated for types.


As mentioned above, hooks could be made of metal or hard plastic. It’s hard to estimate which one is better even though metal hooks are claimed to be more reliable. Still, the quality of the material could be worse in metal hooks and better in plastic hooks, so you need to choose the ones you like. Moreover, if you plan to use hooks right on the vehicle, it’s better to choose plastic ones (or metal ones covered with plastic/gum), so you won’t scratch your auto.


If a bungee cord does not have at least two types of materials, it does not worth your attention. There are two types of bungee cords we could highlight: the ones that have 2 types of materials (say, cotton and synthetic) and the others that have 3+ types of materials. The latter cost more expensive and they claimed to be better in performance. We will mention further that material is probably the primary thing you have to pay attention to when choosing bungee cords.


There are short and long bungee cords. If a cord is less than 8”, it’s called a short one. Everything longer is claimed to be a longer thing. Pay attention to our editor’s choice since this product has bungee cords of all lengths. Again, choosing bungee cords take measurements from your auto to make a decent buying decision and to choose the product according to your needs.


Some sellers say put this information in the box, however, we think that bungee cords could not be divided by capacity. For instance, if you choose a thing bungee cord with claimed high capacity but use it to stretch out at the whole trunk, it won’t simply fit or just break. Choose bungee cords which have been designed for your vehicle and don’t pay attention to the products which were divided by any capacity specs.

Things to Watch Out

There are three things you have to consider before purchasing this device: material, length, and hooks. 

Again on material 

As mentioned above, there MUST be more than two materials used since if it’s on the contrary, you won’t be able to use these bungee cords or it will stretch out after two usages. These products are not on our list, but we’d like you to understand that there are bungee cords producers who just paint their materials with different colors and that’s it. That’s why you always have to keep a finger on the pulse and make sure 2+ materials are offered.

Where to Use Bungee Cords

Surprisingly, bungee cords could be used for baby gates, cord wrappers as a garden helper or ball organizer, cord keeper or shoe organizer. However, it’s an irreplaceable thing if you are a motorist and you often buy different goods. A dependable bungee cord is a must-have for any driver; even if you don’t buy that much or don’t load your vehicle roof, your friends or other passengers may need it as well.

How to Choose Elastic and Dependable Cords

A bungee cord or a rubber cord (others call it a  luggage cord), is used to fasten cargo in the luggage compartment of a car during any trips. It does not matter you’re on your way back home to the supermarket or you are about to drive 1000 miles. A dependable bungee cord is your ability not to buy any additional equipment or even order some service. With the help of high-quality bungee cords, you will be able to attach anything with elastic (that stretches well), while remaining reliable fasteners. For ease of fixation, the luggage harness is equipped with convenient hooks.

The bungee cord is very effective when pulling and securing tents on trucks and trailers, attaching advertising banners. It’s one more advantage of this product so there’s a wide field of application. Well, a bungee cord is in constant demand among athletes as an expander/harness for training (fitness, trampoline centers, general sports, strength, boxing, skiing), a rubber cable is used to equip different equipment. For instance, many people secure ski equipment by means of these cords. 

Since technical issues claim bungee cords to be dependable, we recommend paying attention to the elastic braided cord with polyester thread (or other synthetic material) with a multi-core core or, for instance, latex threads.

Well, all rubber bungee cords have very good tensile properties, high wear resistance and can easily resist moisture and UV rays. These are technical issues you have to pay attention to by all means. 

Product review

These bungee cords are made of several dependable materials coated with a synthetic patterned winding, the cords themselves are fixed at the ends. It can boast strong plastic hooks that provide strong fastening and do not allow displacement of your small things or even big cargo during its transportation. So this model will perfectly suit to fasten any items to the trunk for both small autos and SUVs. Such elastic bungee cords could be stretched 2-3 times in length, which will allow fixing both a small load and a rather overall one. It perfectly holds even small furniture, rubbish appliances, mid-sized bags. Open luggage racks or any other goods could be secured there as well. They are UV resistant which is very important if you use them on a sunny day. The last but not the least thing — these bungee cords come in a nice jar so you won’t be in a mess keeping them as needed.

• Fit for both roof and trunk
• Made of several materials
• Handy jar for storage
• Famous brand
• Hooks won’t cope with big furniture

This is a set of 6 bungee cords which boast of a wide range of applications: from fixing things on the roof rack of a car to fastening objects on carts, bicycles or, say, motorcycles. According to the producer, this product uses elastic rubber cable as ‘basic’ material, so these bungee cords will be easily stretched just like that. Some customers claimed that STRAPRIGHT bungee cords could be stretched for 2+ times, it’s very valuable in case you are able to carry different products in or on the car.

These cords and hooks look minimalistic and they 

counteract jumping and surely provide a better hold.

• Pack of 6
• Dependable
• Minimalistic design
• Molded carabiner
• Some claimed the connectors are not that sturdy 

This is a box full of bungee cords of different lengths and sizes. This product features an elastic band for the trunk/ small auto/ mid-sized vehicle with a round hook, has a length of 18 to 40 inches, each of them comes in 2-4-6 sets. Used to hold or secure things in the trunk, it has a flat plastic hook that can be easily hooked at any angle. As for hooks, they are made of metal, covered with soft plastic.

If you are seeking a set of dependable bungee cords, pay attention to this item. The plastic hooks included in the kit themselves are not inferior in strength to their metal cords, but also protect any car or motorcycle from mechanical damage. Having all sizes of bungee cords in this box, you can adjust the length of the elastic and simply choose the size you need.

• Set of bungee cords
• Dependable hooks
• A diversity to apply 
• Additional cord
• Some customers claimed plastic end pulls out of the bungee cord

This item is not typical since it has balls at the ends. You can use it to secure a soccer net or, let’s say, to secure cloth on the table. This thing is very reliable, has a convenient design and, moreover, is totally safe. Say, if a classical bungee cord can cut your child, this item is totally safe. You can use it for luggage fixing, tieing up pallets, etc. So if you have been surfing the web in search of multi-functional bungee cords multi-functional bungee cords, do not hesitate to get this item. 

• Multi-functional
• Nice-design
• Dependable and totally safe
• Won’t fit for any vehicle

These rubber bungee cords are ideal for securing cargo are used to fix cargo in a car, motorcycle or scooter, trolley and thereby minimizing the movement of cargo during any movement, no matter you’re having a ride on a smooth and flat road or there are some drawbacks.

According to the seller, there’s a special rubber cord used (weaving rubber threads) covered with textile material (polyester). The cords are different in diameter as well as in length so you can use them for different applications. ABS coated metal hooks are another reason not to miss this product and free trap clips included.

• ABS coated metal hooks
• A set — suitable for any applications
• Different lenght 
• Praised by many customers
• Some customers claimed they are pretty week 

If you have been seeking for a single bungee cord as a set, this is what you need. This is a tough elastic cord with very dependable metal hooks. Moreover, these hooks are covered with rubber at the ends. Thanks to this, your car or motorcycle or any other vehicle won’t be scratched to the paintwork, which is extremely important since nobody wants to waste money on it. So, an elastic band with a hook will surely help you to secure any load on the trunk. It’s no secret that when a bungee cord is made of quality rubber + cotton materials,  carrying things becomes much easier since the product delivers decent performance. You will surely feel confident on the road with this single bungee cord because an elastic band with quality metal hooks is a reliable and indispensable accessory.

• Quality metal hooks
• Single finely made bungee cord
• A pack of 6 single cords
• Could be short for SUVs

If you were seeking thin and elastic bungee cords — this is it. These bungee cords are made of several thin rubber gum coated with a synthetic patterned winding, fixed at the ends. It also boasts special high-quality plastic hooks, which provide strong fastening and do not allow displacement of the cargo during its transportation.

It is used to fasten items to the trunk, you can apply it for a small car or large SUV. Such an elastic band stretches 2-3 times in length, which will allow fixing both a small load and a rather overall one. It perfectly holds even some furniture parts, or, say, rubbish appliances, any bags and large purchases on carts, open luggage racks. 

• Will fit any trunk 
• Can be adjusted from 10 to 48 inches 
• Four times stronger than traditional cords
• Plastic hooks won’t be able to keep any load

In case your old bungee cords have worn out, pay attention to this ‘magic box”. This is a clastic rubber for securing any luggage or cargo to the trunk of a bicycle or your car. Made according to the technology of weaving rubber cores, the outer material are latex and high-quality rubber blend. This product boasts of strong plastic hooks that are resistant to temperature extremes and, for good, they won’t scratch your vehicle.

• A set of bungee cords for any length
• Lifetime warranty
• Will suit any vehicle 
• Some say plastic hooks could be weak

These are bungee cords for fixing any objects, including big luggage or furniture parts as well as for covering cars and equipment, awnings for boats and boats, tent for the pool. Moreover, you can use these cords for work sites. In other words, they are multi-functional and you will find numerous applications. Thanks to the dependable plastic cords, your auto or any other belonging will not be scratched. Unlike ordinary household ropes, bungee cords are much more convenient and practical to use. As well as the majority of branded products, this one uses 2+ materials.

• Long-lasting 
• Several lengths
• Multi-functional
• Some say its hooks are pretty week (did not manage to keep a pool cover) 

These are other bungee cords with two plastic hooks at the ends. As well as the first item on the list, it has a jar so you will be able to store it just like that. Designed for a wide range of uses, but mainly cargo transportation, fastening on various surfaces of various cargoes. An elastic cord with a synthetic braid is much more resistant to mechanical damage than ordinary rubber cords with one or two threads. Moreover, even though this product is not branded, it’s claimed to be UV resistant. Still, if you are looking for something more dependable, pay attention to our editor’s choice.

• A set of bungee cords
• Handy jar to store all the cords
• UV resistant
• Some say that cords are not reliable and rip off easily

This is another branded set of bungee cords, the ones are designed for fastening objects in or on the auto, 

especially they will be cool in open luggage racks mounted on the roof of autos. In addition, these bungee cords are designed to fix bulk luggage and is an indispensable tool for any motorist or homeowner. You can use it any season of the year since it’s UV resistant. These cords could be used for cars, football gates, for tables and so son. Here you also need to pay attention that this is the one and only set on our list that has all types of cords (here we’re not talking about length only, but about different hooks).

• Stronger than regular cords
• Feature different hooks
• Come in a handy box 
• One customer claimed that if left on the sun, they could be damaged because of UV rays

Have you been searching for a dependable kit and dependable bungee cords that can stretch? These ones are made of several thin rubber gum coated with a synthetic patterned winding, same as the previous one, fixed at the ends. It also can offer special high-quality plastic hooks, which provide strong fastening and do not allow displacement of the cargo during its transportation.

It is used to fasten items to the trunk, you can apply it for a small car or large SUV.  These bungee cords can easily be stretched at 2-3 times, so you can use them for any auto fix. Moreover, the ones hold even auto wheels and other big-sized items.

• Full refund in case of no satisfaction
• Multi-functional
• Dependable plastic hooks 
• One customer claimed a zipped bag was broken 

This product does not have any hooks, but it’s not a drawback at all. It will suit you if you need really long cords or you want to fix many things at once. They are perfect for securing any big cargo that is used to fix cargo in a car, motorcycle or scooter, trolley and thereby minimizing the movement of cargo during any movement, no matter you’re having a ride on a smooth and flat road or there are some drawbacks. Checking the seller’s info, we can see that there are 2+ materials used so these bungee cords will easily stretch at the moment you need it. This is a perfect choice if you’re seeking for an item to use at a working site.

• Perfect for working sites
• Strong hold
• The absorbent enough  
• Some say the strap is not stretchy enough 

This is one of two products featured on our list that has carabiner hooks. Well, if you have been looking for something really dependable and that will last for many years — do not miss this item. You will surely appreciate the quality and general performance ROCKET STRAPScords deliver. This product comes in a nice bag so all of the bungee cords will be nicely stores in your auto or in the garage. As well as the previous items, these bungee cords are multi-functional.

• Carabiner hooks
• Famous brand
• Nice bag to store
• Bungee cords 
• High-quality material
• Some customers claimed this product does not feature the last of memory and can be stretched very easily 

This is a set that features carabiner hooks as well. Moreover, this is the one and only item on the list that is fully made of dependable latex. It won’t fit to stretch it out for 2-3 times, but it will perfectly suit for small autos or securing any cargo on the roof or in the trunk.  Used to hold or secure things in the trunk, it has a flat plastic + metal hook that can be easily hooked at any angle. Again, as for hooks, they are made of metal, covered with soft plastic.

If you were looking for a set of dependable bungee cords, pay attention to this item. The carabiner hooks included in the kit themselves are not inferior in strength to their metal cords, but also protect any auto or motorcycle from mechanical damage, which is more than useful. However, pay attention that these bungee cords of the same size so you will need to check if it’s enough for your needs.

• Carabiner hooks
• Classical 24 inch size
• UV resistant 
• 100% superior latex
• Some say that carabiners were too small

Editor’s Choice

Summing up all said and mentioned, the product that definitely worth attention is CARTMAN Bungee Cords Assortment Jar 24. It could be used as auto cords to secure any goods or luggage ties for securing cargo. They were designed for fastening items of any size and fix especially open luggage racks mounted on the roof of cars. In addition, the material was picked to fix bulk luggage. Goes without saying, this bungee cord is a great thing for any motorist.

Through the use of a combination of natural and synthetic materials, hook luggage elastic bands (cargo ties) are suitable for use in any vehicles. They are resistant to temperature extremes (weatherproof, UV). In addition, the hooks of the luggage cord with hooks are made of high-strength alloy, which makes the whole mount super reliable.

All-season, multi-functional and highly profitable product CARTMAN bungee cords are a combination of 2+ materials so that is why the product has been praised by US customers. 


Is there a big difference in the materials used? Is there a difference between nylon, polypropylene and other materials?

Well, starting with polypropylene, it’s one of the most popular materials for bungee cords — it’s dependable and UV resistant. This material suits any outdoor usage as well as if you decided to drive 500+ miles with the bungee cords. In general, this material is highly recommended. 

As for nylon, this one is perfect mostly for marine applications or if you live in a state with foggy weather. However, please pay your attention to the fact that nylon wears out really fast in comparison with polypropylene because it simply cannot stand UV rays or hot weather.

Do I have to pay attention to the strength of bungee cords?

Well, not every producer tests out bungee cords, however, if there’s info about capacity, it’s a good sign and it means the producer is decent. Well, the general cord strength is tested by the percent of the expansion. As for the recommended rate, it’s from 40 to 50% of the bungee cord’s general length. No more since if you go beyond this limit, it will simply decrease in bungee diameter affects the limit of the bungee fittings holding capacity.

Is there difference between bungee cord and shock cord?

No, these are just synonyms.

What is the advantage to incorporating bungee balls in a bungee assembly’s design?

Bungee balls are useful for numerous types of bungee assemblies. Bungee balls eliminate rubbing and fraying caused when the bungee cord contacts a surface in the field. During some applications, bungee balls are also useful as a point of grip. 


Baggage elastic is a convenient, high-quality device that consists of several thin threads covered with synthetic winding. Special hooks are provided to hook the load. The luggage elastic with hooks is used for reliable fastening of cargo to the cart, a luggage carrier of a car. Even cyclists use a rubber band that stretches to a length of 1.5 meters. Due to the aesthetic appearance and reliable design, this gum has gained popularity among many users.