The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners. Review 2020 and Buyer’s Guide


Let’s make it clear at once — keeping a finger on the pulse of the auto’s cleanliness could be really complicated sometimes. However, since you’re reading these lines, you supposed to be a vehicle enthusiast, in turn, it’s your responsibility and some say even duty to keep your four-wheel friend in the best possible condition. It goes without saying that this “the best possible condition” starts with the basic cleanliness of the car. Our team would like to avoid any separation from ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ cleanliness, however, still, today we’re going to pay our attention exclusively to a vehicle’s interior.

What’s the first item that would give a hand to keep your vehicle all clean and nice inside? It’s surely a portable (with or without cord) vacuum cleaner. The same was as the house and apartment interior, a car’s interior could be cleaned up and put in order by means of a compact, but powerful vacuum cleaner. Say “goodbye” to any dirt and dust, as well as debris and mud if you’re just about to get a compact vacuum cleaner for the car. Any other particles will be out of your auto’s interior once you’re armed with a monster called a compact cleaner.

Well, another thing here is that in the long-term, your vehicle will look like a brand new. Moreover, nowadays many people suffer from asthma or cough so cleaning your auto’s interior, panels are not the matter of only esthetics anymore, it’s an issue of health. So, a small vacuum cleaner will help to maintain a healthier environment for passengers and the driver. By the way, if you’ve any kind of skin allergy, it has chances to disappear as well.

Can you use a regular vacuum cleaner, the one you use at home or at the working site? Well, the latter is too powerful for car usage, it may damage your vehicle’s interior parts. As for the first one, technically you are able to use a vacuum cleaner that you use at home, but it’s not his primary purpose at all. A regular vacuum cleaner cannot do every single inch so don’t expect 100 out of 100 cleanliness. 

In this review, we have gathered and reviewed only creme de la creme on the Web so you will be able to easily pick any auto vacuum cleaner. There is a list of 15 vacuum cleaners, so it’s more than enough to get a model you like, the one that suits you and your auto’s needs.

TOP 7 Benefits

They are small. Really. No kidding

The majority of car cleaners on the market are less than ½ of a regular vacuum cleaner. We do not exaggerate — some models can even fit your coat’s pocket. Thanks to their small size, it’s not only easy to carry them around, but it’s very easy to find a place in the garage, laundry room or, say, at the kitchen, to store it. Moreover, you can carry it in the trunk of your vehicle. 

Car vacuum cleaners are affordable

Well, definitely one of the most prominent advantages auto vacuum cleaners may boast is that there are many devices at affordable prices. Surely the price depends on a producer, materials and overall quality. Moreover, if there are some accessories or parts to replace, it will be surely more expensive. However, taking into account all the benefits listed above, we can claim auto vacuum cleaners surely worth its price.

Surprise! They can help you to rescue lost jewelry or child’s spoon

The majority of people do not know his trick, but, yes — a compact vacuum cleaner is able to rescue numerous tiny things you could have lost in your car. All you need is the device and a pair of pantyhose: you should stretch the latter over the nozzle and clean your auto’s interior, thus, the vacuum will suck all small items out, but the pantyhose will keep it outside. Well, not that easy trick which will surely be useful, say, when your baby will drop his favorite toy.

Perfect for Urgent and Special Cleanups

Many motorists cannot imagine their vehicle without a compact vacuum cleaner because it’s the fastest way to spot-clean any dirt you need to be erased as soon as possible. Sometimes you need urgent care and this is where the car vacuum cleaner comes into play. Here you don’t have to seek any wet wipes or any other way to clean up, say, crumbled cookies or loose M & M’s. Sometimes it could be your pet’s hair or fur from the old coat that sheds. There are on-purpose models that were designed for pet hair and any fur, so be careful when selecting the item according to your needs.

They are easy to use…

From one pro to another, a compact vacuum cleaner is a perfect thing to accustom your kids to cleaning. Since these devices are very easy to use, both kids and teens can use it. Nowadays every toddler knows how to turn on a tablet and play, but not everybody knows how a vacuum cleaner works, so it’s a great opportunity to show your ones what stand for it. They are totally safe, so it’s a win-win for the whole family.

…and lightweight

Well, yes, it’s not just about their size (as mentioned before)— they are lightweight as well. There are numerous car vacuum cleaners on the market which weigh less than 4-6 pounds. Can you imagine that? Even though it may vary depending on the model, this device is perfect for on-the-spot cleaning and won’t make your arm hurt even after 15 mins of work. It perfectly suits as well for elderly users.

Compact but powerful 

A car vacuum cleaner boasts not only with its size and weight but its power. You can even do some small homework with an auto cleaner. As a rule, a standard device in its class offers 4 amps so it can easily pick up small items, fun, and other tiny things.

Things to Watch Out

There are three things you need to consider before getting a handheld vacuum cleaner:


The automotive vacuum cleaner works by the same principle as regular one does: it sucks any dirt in a tank, then you will have to empty it from time to time, depending on how dusted your auto is. To clean just like that and rarely spare the talk, pay your attention to a large tank. In this case, you’ll have to empty it only when you’re done with the cleaning, there won’t be any need to clean it up during the process. We recommend getting a vacuum cleaner with a tank from 2 to six gallons.

Power of Suction

Again, as well as regular cleaners, suction power matters here. If you get a weak one, the device simply won’t be able to clean the car perfectly. Here you need to know that this power is measured in amps, however, if you’re about to get a cordless model, it’s in volts. Well, for corded models we recommend seeking a device with at least 7 amps and for cordless ones, 15-20 volts will be what you need.


As mentioned before, compact cleaners boast of its lightweight, however, there are producers who offer powerful but really heavy models. Do not play these tricks and pay attention to the weight of the device by all means. How to choose a suitable one? 2-4 pounds is a good point, any devices heavier won’t be comfy in work. You need to freely move with a vacuum cleaner when working on your auto interior cleaning. Note that the lighter your vacuum cleaner is, the more tiny parts inside your car you will be able to clean up.


We know there are tons of articles that mention this thing to be considered before buy and indeed, a filter is highly recommended here. How to check if a vacuum cleaner boasts of a good filter? Well, check for HEPA mark in the product’s description and for an additional filter that picks up even the tiniest things or debris, ask the seller.

Works Wet and Dry 

There are models that work both in wet and dry modes and it’s pretty well since not every vacuum cleaner that works in a dry regime can clean all spills and messes. Especially if you have toddlers or pets, this option will be a huge advantage.

Technical Issues

There are two things you need to take into consideration when we’re talking about technical issues. The first is sucking power and the second is the number of watts your car vacuum cleaner requires. As for the first technical issue, the higher it is, the better performance it will deliver. The last one only matters if you are seeking a ford cordless device and want it to work 15-20 mins as a minimum.


Basically, all vacuum cleaners could be divided for corded and cordless ones. Even though corded may seem to be old ones, they have their advantages as well. The corded cleaner surely has to be plugged into power, usually, they have better suction power and use the standard outlet. As for the cordless models, they have a rechargeable battery. It goes without saying this type of vacuum cleaners gives you full mobility, however, they are usually weaker in power. Moreover, you won’t be able to clean many cars with a cordless cleaner since it must be charged from time to time. So if you are seeking for a compact vacuum cleaner for business needs, corded is your choice. 

Product Review 

This is an all-around cleaner which is universal for both wet and dry modes. It boasts of a powerful 2-horsepower motor so you don’t have to worry the one won’t be enough for your vehicle. It was designed and brought to the world to meet expectations even of the most demanding customers ever. Coming with a leaf blower, this attachment allows you to clean even your house or yard. You don’t need a bag or any other container to put the accessories in since ARMORALL , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum offers a very good organization scheme.  

• Famous brand
• High-quality 
• Wet and dry modes
•It’s more expensive in comparison with other models

Are you about to clean up your auto’s interior like a professional? Then this device is what you need. It boasts of really strong suction, thanks to powerful 106w motor no dirt will be left behind. We’d like you to pay attention to its design — it’s handy, ergonomic and allows you to clean several cars at once without any tiredness. 16ft long power cord is another good feature — you can easily get to the back of your car or reach even the most hidden corners of it. 

• Long power cord
• Rich kit
• Additional HEPA filter
• Sometimes power cord gets hot 

If the most important feature in a car vacuum for you is ‘cordless’, then do not miss this device. It offers up to 15 mins of non-stop use from a single fully charged 18V and we must say that time is enough to clean up a compact car’s interior. Since this auto vacuum cleaner was designed mostly for small automobiles, it boasts of excellent maneuverability and allows a motorist to clean up even under the front seats. In comparison, say, with the first product mentioned on the list, it does not provide great suction power, but it’s enough for a cordless device. Last but not least advantage is its weight which is only 2.7 pounds.

• Can work up to 15 mins
• Was designed for compact cars 
• Just 2.7 pounds
• The material is not that dependable 

Even though more and more people pay attention to cordless models, this auto vacuum cleaner worth your attention. Its 11-foot long power cord is more than enough to clean up even an SUV or any other big car. However, the major feature of why motorists pay attention to this vacuum cleaner is its 500-watt motor and water-lifting capability (up to 55 inches). Summing all mentioned above, this up-to-date vacuum cleaner could be your new modern buddy to keep the vehicle’s interior in great condition. As well as the previous one, its weight is only 2.7 pounds

• Weight is 2.7 pounds
• 11-foot long power cord 
• 500-watt motor
• Some customers claimed of a poor assembly 

Here we must start with the fact that this auto cleaner boasts of a professional patent design — it features not one, but two charging cables. What does it mean for you? It means that you have no need to charge it all the time. This is one of those devices that offer up to 20 mins without any connection to power. As for strong suction, estimate yourself — it’s 4800 pa with the power of 106 W, so both large and small dirt will be erased just like that. The last but not the least thing here is the GNG brand that is very famous among motorists for its dependability. 

• Weight is 2.7 pounds
•11-foot long power cord 
• 500-watt motor
• Some customers claimed of a poor assembly 

This is another masterpiece from the famous brand ARMORALL. This device is hassle-free and offers untethered cordless operation. It boasts of accessory storage room so now you don’t have to worry all of the ones are spread out in your car. As for its power, this device meets the majority of requirements offering 20V Max DC Motor. As for working time, it has standard 15 mins and 35-inch water lift, which could be estimated as a good suction power. 

• Hassle-free
• Good suction power
• 20V Max DC Motor 
• More expensive in comparison with other devices

Have you been surfing the Web seeking for an up-to-date handheld cleaner for your vehicle? Pay attention to this one since in comparison with other devices, Foxnovo has a very bright LED light that allows you to clean up a car even in a full darkness. It features ultra-high power motor and 6000PA that’s enough to clean up debris, any kind of dust. According to the producer, this device can suck in 0.1 microns dust.

• 30 days free parts replacement
and 12-month warranty 
• Dry and wet cleaning 
• 3-stage filtration 
• Some customers claimed the suction power is not that high 

This vacuum cleaner is another device for small car owners. The one offers 6000PA and 150-watt motor which is a ‘secret’ to strong cyclonic suction. According to the producer, it easily and fastly absorbs hair or food residue. Thanks to the 12-volt battery system and so that device is plugged in, you can use it at home or with any longevity in your car since you’re not limited with battery charged. As well as the majority of other models, it offers both dry and wet cleaning modes. A HEPA filter comes as a bonus.

• Easily absorbs even pets’ hair
• 12V battery system 
• HEPA washable filter 
• Some customers claimed it has so-so suction power

If there was an award for “The Most Minimalistic Vacuum Cleaner”, this device will surely get it. 120 W motor, ability to suck in 0.3 microns dust and suitability for both cars and home interiors make this vacuum cleaner universal and very handy. Another feature that beats all ranks is that this car vacuum cleaner is able to work up to 30 mins, so you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery here and there. However, by the time you need to charge up a battery, it will take you maximum of 3 hours. 

• Works up to 30 mins
• Lightweight — only 1.9 lbs
• Some people say the suction power is not enough

If the size is not the primary thing you pay attention to looking for a compact vacuum cleaner, take a look at the device by BLACK+DECKER. This flex car vacuum cleaner can cope with dust, dirt and any debris. Speaking about the set, this item has a wide nozzle tool, long crevice tool, and other ones so you will be able to easily clean up your vehicle’s interior. The last but not the least thing you need to check is its cyclonic action that spins the dirt away from the filter and maintains optimum power.

•Rich set
• Famous brand
• Comfy shape
• Some customers claimed for low suction power

In comparison with other handheld cleaners, this one offers 30 mins of working with a removable battery. Moreover, when you set the device to be recharged, it provides a very comfy storage. Speaking about its modes, there are 3 attachments, so you can use both wet and dry regimes. Now let’s take a look at the item’s dust cup — it’s 0.16-gallon and can hold a decent amount of dust so you don’t need to empty it after every single cleaning.

• Big dust cup
• Offers 30 mins of function 
• Removable battery and easy charging
• Claimed it did not have enough suction power to clean window tracks

The first thing an eye catches with this vacuum cleaner is its superior power. Well, there’s another one to be mentioned — patented 3-steps filtering system that raises effectiveness for at least 30% percent. As for HEPA standard, this item boasts of superior stainless steel, so it’s fully safe both for a driver and for passengers.

• 30% more effective
stainless steel that meets
• HEPA standard
• 4 handy accessories 
• As well as in other products, some buyers claimed that it has extremely low suction power

This small vacuum cleaner is a quintessence of minimalism, handy design, and power enough to clean up even an SUV. Let’s pay attention to the reviews and information provided by the seller — it has 5000PA suction power. Moreover, according to customers, HANTUN can cope even with a big car interior just like that. We cannot skip ergonomic design and extended power cord which is both very handy and allows you to clean up your four-wheel friend with ease.

• Famous brand
• 5000PA suction power
• Fits to SUVs and other big autos
• More expensive in comparison with others

This is an extremely small car vacuum cleaner, so if the size is your priority or you don’t have any place to store a vacuum cleaner in an auto, choose this model. It offers HEPA filter and LED light, so thanks to the latter you will be able to easily clean your vehicle just like that.

• Very compact
• LED light
• Some say the battery lasts only 15 mins

This device from HOMASY is another small vacuum cleaner that can take up debris up to 0.3 microns. Thanks to the stainless steel filter, it could be washed and used 500 Times and its decades more than using other types of the filter. Since it is compact and has a very handy angle, you will be able to clean up even the tiniest spots in your vehicle.

• Very compact
• Features HEPA filter
• Quick charge
•It won’t suit to a SUV since a battery dies pretty soon

Our best choice

We have picked our best car vacuum cleaner without any hesitation: this is ARMORALL AA255, 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum. A powerful 2-horsepower motor is more than enough to clean up a compact, mid-sized or SUV. We want to recollect that it comes with a leaf blower and a handy organization scheme. Famous brands, wet and dry modes and high-quality are just other advantages to pick this model.


Why using an auto vacuum cleaner? 

According to all the benefits mentioned above, this device allows you to clean up your car interior just like that and suck even the tiniest things you could have lost. You can keep it in the trunk so with it a driver is armed to the teeth. Moreover, if you pick a dry and wet model, you will be able to easily erase any dirt and dust in a few seconds. 

Does it help to prevent asthma or cough?

It’s not the primary thing that could help you with a real disease, however, a cleaned and shiny interior is surely better than any with debris. If you struggle to cough or any allergy, cleaning up your car from time to time is a good idea.

How to pick the needed model?

Considering all mentioned and taking into account all the things you need to check before making a purchase decision, first you need to start from your personal needs: how often you’re going to clean up your vehicle’s interior, what kind of dirt you’re going to clean, etc.


Is a car vacuum cleaner is a dive necessity? Well, it surely no. However, your driving experience will be surely more comfy and pleasant if your car’s interior will be all clean and shiny. Choosing among numerous automotive devices car vacuum cleaner is probably one of the very firsts things you have to pay attention to. We understand how it’s hard to make a choice just like that, but first, you have to start with your needs. Think about the type of car vacuum cleaner you need, type of your car so an auto vacuum cleaner will suit it and other features like an LED light or two batteries. We’re sure that after reading our guide, the decision-making process will be nice and easy.