The BEST LED Lantern Flashlights in 2020


Even though at first sight a reliable lantern flashlight may not seem to be a real necessity for everyone, it is regardless of any type of your activity. Whether you want to repair something in the garage or light something up at the working site, you’re seeking for a portable lantern flashlight for family getaways and picnics — today we will roll out TOP 10 lantern flashlights so you will be able to check them and easily choose the one according to your needs and expectations. Today there are numerous lantern flashlights that could be found on the shelves of offline stores, however, there’s no need to leave the sofa to seek for a lantern flashlight. Our review is called to show you all the pros and cons of top lantern flashlights on the market without leaving your place. They mostly differ in their technical specs; in addition, we will show you where to pay attention when choosing a lantern flashlight and what are the major types of them. Even though the majority of flashlights are no different from classic flashlights that you had in your childhood, today the market is full of up-to-date technologies so you can choose something way more dependable and special.

Our review is the buying guide that offers you to make an easy purchasing decision. The secret of the lantern flashlights popularity is that these devices are at a relatively low price, they boast of long lifespan without recharging as well as low weight and dimensions, plus very high brightness and range of lighting.

Any LED lantern flashlight is a complex electronic device that can be manufactured in both plastic and aluminum cases (we’ll talk about its types down below). As a rule, LED lights are being used in order to save on electricity bills and, of course, they are super bright. For example, you can place a lantern flashlight on a copper base.

As for the insides, LED is glued to its substrate using heat-conducting glue. A special glass with a seal is installed on top. Then, in turn, you get a powerful luminous flux that can illuminate objects at a distance of 400 meters (!) and sometimes even more (depending on the LED lantern flashlight model you picked).

Any LED flashlight must be equipped with a powerful battery. The battery should produce a high current, so lithium batteries with high capacity are often used to power the LED flashlight. If you take a look at customers’ reviews, you will sure that with a ‘standard’ battery the cost of a lantern flashlight is way more expensive; it also affects the service life and increases the overall efficiency.

As for the budget products among LED flashlights, they are usually cheaper and do not feature any brand, plus they can be powered by ordinary AA batteries. However, some of them come — on the contrary — from very reputable brands and are in great demand. Anyway, you need to pay attention to all specs choosing a LED lantern flashlight for home or working site usage.

It’s no surprise LED flashlights are popular among tourists, fishermen and other people, as they are compact and work for many years. All of the lantern flashlights presented on our list are of high-quality, they never fail and if there’s a need to replace the battery, you can do it by yourself. We have gathered the handiest and up-to-date products on the market so look through the list to choose a decent lantern LED flashlight for you.


Even though some people try to divide LED flashlights for home and office, we’re about to divide them for the purpose:

  1. LED lights in general, they could be regular lamps or lantern flashlights. The main purpose here is to replace previously installed incandescent lamps, fluorescent with more energy-efficient diode.
  2. Street LED lights. If you have a small house or you don’t want to invest tons of money in it, a lantern flashlight would be a great replacement. If we’re talking about big LED street lights, they feature IP protection which is the degree of protection a device has from dust or any moisture.
  3. So-called spotlights. As a rule, people do not figure it as a class of lights due to some expensive components, but they do exist. These are spotlights with a single LED lamp. They are very powerful, so there’s no even a need to use them in a lantern flashlight.
  4. There’s another class of LED lights — automotive. However, if you love picnics and getaways, feel free to use a lantern flashlight since it’s perfect for interior lighting or just to make up a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Other types of LED lamps — there are lamps that have ultraviolet so they could be freely used for any plants to grow.
  6. The industrial type stands for industrial fixtures as they go. The main purpose is the lighting of industrial buildings and structures. As well as street ones they have a high degree of protection. However, a lantern flashlight won’t suit it for sure.
  7. The last but surely not the least type of LED lamps stands for portable flashlights (handled) or, as on our list, lantern flashlights.

Now let’s take a look at things you have to watch out by all means before purchasing any lantern flashlight.

Things to Watch Out

  • Light flow. This spec shows how much the light can give, measured in lumens. You should understand that a poor-quality LED shines weaker when the same power is used as the LED crystal of a well-known manufacturer, therefore, the power of the flashlight is not a defining spec when evaluating the luminous intensity of the flashlight.
  • Light temperature. This spec determines the color of the LED glow, so cheap models give a cold glow with a blue tint, which is very unpleasant to the eye and distorts the perception of objects. However, it means that your lantern flashlight will be super bright. We recommend to choose something in between — it is optimal to choose flashlight models with a color temperature of 2500-5000 K. Just for you to know, they could be divided for these ones: Cool White (cold) – from 6500 K, Neutral White (neutral) – from 3400 to 5000, Warm White (warm) – 2200-3000K are used.
  • Power supplies. You can buy LED lantern flashlight with built-in batteries, as well as battery-powered models (there are batteries in the form of batteries, which is extremely convenient). It is not recommended to use batteries without electronic protection; the ones are with deep discharge, they quickly degrade (several months or a year as maximum). In addition, one should not rely on the declared figures of the battery capacity / on the flashlights of poorly know manufacturers. As a rule, such manufacturers simply raise the price without any decent reason.
  • Power adjustment. In high-quality LED lantern flashlights, increasing and decreasing the luminous power is practiced by changing the magnitude of the current passing through the LED. Well, we think this is the optimal solution that provides a high-quality, pleasant to the eye luminous flux. However, ‘pleasant to the eye’ does not mean it will be bright enough. From another side of a hand, when it comes to low-cost models, another type of regulation is used (pulse width modulation), the LED quickly turns on and off (100-300 times per second), this mode is unpleasant and irritates the eyes, especially when moving. However, it’s very bright so if you have been surfing the Web in search of a very bright LED lantern flashlight, choose this one.
  • Stabilization. The one is aimed to provide a bright and clear glow of the flashlight even when the battery is low.
  • There’s a full and semi- types of stabilization. The first one is when the LED light shines at its full brightness, and at a critical threshold for discharging the battery, it suddenly goes into the middle or small glow mode and shines until the battery is completely discharged.
  • As for semi-stabilization, it’s mostly used in tactical flashlights, with it the luminous power is reset gradually and the flashlight works at a minimum on the remaining charge. However, some lantern flashlights still use it.
  • Step Down mode. The one is often used in high-power flashlights to preserve the LED, when operating at maximum power, after a while, the flashlight reduces brightness to reset excess heat, after reaching normal temperature, it again switches to high power mode.
  • Heat limit. Well, it may surprise you, but the LEDs are quite hot during operation, which leads to the so-called ‘degradation’ of the crystal and a significant reduction in its service life; the LED lantern light will simply be worn out very soon. Therefore, famous manufacturers provide high-quality heat dissipation from the LED to ensure the maximum long-term operation of the flashlight.
  • Resistant to shock, bumps and any vibration. A very important parameter for such type of LED light as a lantern flashlight. If you like to hang out, short-term trips — pay precise attention to this fact. It should be noted that LEDs are not afraid of vibration, unlike incandescent lamps, the only vulnerable element is electronic itself.
  • Weather/water resistance. This specification is important for tourists, divers and anyone who lives an active lifestyle. The spec is determined by the IP index (dust and moisture protection index), models with the IPX4 index are protected against splashes, flashlights with the IPX7 index are designed to work at a depth of 1 meter to 30 min, underwater lights should have an index of IPX8. Say, this is not the primary spec to watch out when seeking for a lantern flashlight, but it would be nice to have it.

Technical Issues

What stands for LED?

LED is a light-emitting diode; it is a technology that allows you to get light radiation at the point of contact between the cathode and the semiconductor connected to the anode. In brief, the electrons interact with the emission of photons when passing through the semiconductor to the cathode. 

Funny story that the LED was found out…accidentally during experiments it was discovered that in certain cases, during charge transfer, a glow in the visible range occurs. Nowadays the majority of people in the world tend to use LEDs since they boast of longevity, excellent performance and they don’t require battery changing (the majority of them).

Lately, some other LEDs have been discovered — the diodes have been studied only in the late 1980s

when compact and durable light sources began to be needed for indicators, lighting, and in those places where it is impossible to use incandescent lamps and cold cathode lamps. The diodes favorably differ from them in small dimensions, low power consumption, the absence of the need for special voltage training, no heating, high resistance to shock and any overload.

In comparison with ‘regular’ lamps, the LED technology has several undeniable advantages over other light sources:

  • An ability to withstand relatively harsh operating conditions (vibration and small shocks, water low temperatures, light pressure).
  • Low power consumption (about 7-10 times less than standard incandescent lamps) and a high level of efficiency.
  • They practically do not contain any compounds harmful to health and the environment (unlike fluorescent lamps and CCFL, which contain mercury).
  • Durability (70-80 times higher than conventional bulbs with filament, up to 80,000 hours and up to 2 times longer than cold cathode tubes).

However, there are some mere cons:

  • A narrow spectrum of radiation (although in certain cases, this can be a plus). Quite successful work is underway to expand the spectrum for LCD monitors and TVs.
  • There is a kind of display technology called OLED, the diodes of which emit light through organic compounds. They are used in super-contrast and flexible screens of mobile devices, they have excellent brightness and contrast, but they have one significant minus – low durability. 

Product review

Have you been looking for a long-lasting and very bright LED lantern camping light? Well, this device is simply on the edge of glory. It is equipped with 30 crazy bright LEDs so you can be calm walking in the woods at 3 AM. Easy turn on/turn off button allows you to light up the entire tent or room even in the total darkness. As for the battery, it lasts over 30 hours, so you can take this LED lantern flashlight for a weekend and it will be sure enough. By the way, in comparison with its competitors, the battery lasts longer. It’s waterproof, patented and the producer offers a lifetime warranty which adds more dependability to this device.

• Works 30 hours without charging
• Very bright
• Minimalistic design
• Original patented version
• Some people say the water resistance spec depends on how long you keep the flashlight under the water

As well as the previous LED lantern flashlight, this product has 30 individual low consumption LED bulbs. Since all of them are 360° of luminous lights, you will be able to feel like its a day time even during the darkest night. This item is very easy to operate, moreover, any accidental water splashed is acceptable. This LED flashlight is compact and lightweight, so you can take it for a picnic even if you don’t have a car, even a teen will be able to carry this device. This one is perfect for fishing, camping or hiking.

• Accidental water splashes are avaliable 
• Famous brand
• Very bright
• Some say the switch is hard to operate 

If you have been seeking for a minimalistic lantern flashlight, this is it. It’s very nice to use in close quarters and thanks to a handy design you will be able to switch from stowed to the upright position just like that. Speaking about its hangs, they have spring as well as the device has a nice D-ring, so you can hang this flashlight and keep it like that when not in use. As well as the majority of up-to-date flashlights, it does not take much time to charge it to the fullest. Plus, the battery level indicator flashes red when low.

• Easy to switch regimes
• Minimalistic design
• Easy to carry when not in use
• No battery included

This is one of these rare items on the list that presents a colored lantern flashlight. This item will suit for camping or getaways; the one offers 305 lumens of bright LED lights. You can choose between high, energy saver and strobe modes. Speaking about its dependability and resistance, it can work up to 140 hours in a runtime energy saver mode + water-resistance goes without saying. As for storage and hanging, this LED lantern flashlight allows you to place the item anywhere thanks to its hooks:

• Bright color
• Up to 140 hours of work
• Water-resistant
• Some customers claimed it takes much time to charge it to the fullest

This product is a rechargeable LED lantern flashlight with extra-bright 360-degree coverage lighting. This item offers 4 modes so you will be able to choose the one you need. It features red warning light and could be charged by means of USB. You can use 3*AA batteries so you’ll never be in sudden darkness. As for durability and water resistance, this small flashlight can apart even for hurricanes or rainstorms. The last but not the least thing is the minimalistic design that allows you to carry it just like that.

• 24 months of service
• Compact and bright
• You can change batteries for 3*AA
• No batteries included

If you have been seeking for a set of 2-4 lantern flashlights, this is it. The item includes 30 lanterns so you will be able to light up any area even at 3 AM. MALLOME is a pretty famous brand on the market so the quality is guaranteed. 6 AA batteries are included in the pack. This set is also offered with additional COB lighting that’s claimed to be an up-to-date one. As for the LED lantern flashlight lifespan, according to the producer, there are 100,000+ hours. Portable design and compact size are just two more reasons to pay attention to this set.

• A set of 2-4 lantern flashlight
• Famous brand
• Lifespan is 100 000 hours
• Batteries included 
• Some customers claimed the item worked just a year

The rainbow has arrived: another bright LED lantern flashlight brought to the market by the famous brand MALLOME is the product that worth your attention. As well as the majority of LED lantern flashlights, this one offers 360 degrees 146 lumen LEDs. The one collapses into a small bundle so you are able to store it very easily. The premium pack of four includes blue, black, gold and green colors so you will be able to choose any to your mood. Even though this flashlight is very compact in comparison with other items mentioned, do not skip it if you are seeking for a nice present or you don’t need a flashlight with a 100 000 hours lifespan.

• A set of four LED flashlights in different colors
• Famous brand
• 360 degree 146 lumen LEDs
• Customers said it’s not water-resistant 

This item could be named the brightest flashlight on the list. BLAZIN offers 500 lumens in this item and as well as in the previous models, they are 360 degrees. This LED lantern flashlight is long-lasting — it can last up to 140 hours without any charging. Fully safe to kids, portable and lightweight. With this device, you can easily bright up dim evening dinners or even during the darkest night. The last but not the least advantage of this item is its bright, green light.

• Bright color
• 360 degree lamps
• 140 hours without charging 
• Some customers claimed it’s smaller than expected 

This LED lantern flashlight offers several modes, 2 charging ways and will perfectly suit for hiking, camping or long walks in the dark. With this device, you have no need to charge the battery every single day since it keeps it for a long time. As for water resistance, the one is ready for any splashes; as for its size and weight, lightweight so you can carry it almost for hours. With a magnetic bottom, your hands will be free and you will be able, say, to repair a car instead of keeping the lantern.

• Magnetic bottom 
• Lightweight 
• Has several lights for the best illumination
• Some customers claimed it turned off after 3 minutes

This item is multi-functional: it will suit for camping or any emergencies. Moreover, you can use it for DIY projects or for auto repair. This is one of those rate LED lantern flashlights that have IPX4 water resistance that means that the lantern flashlight can stand up to any weather conditions. In addition, it features a diffusor tube so you will be able to brighten up even the darkest areas. With 500 lumens it can offer 19 hr working time and in a low mode – 200 lumens it can offer 65 hr working time.

• Two working modes with 19 and 65 hr working time
• IPX4 water resistant 
• Fits for DIY and auto repair
• Famous brand
• Some people claimed it’s too small

Editor’s Choice 

Having analyzed all the best LED lantern flashlights, we have picked VONT 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lantern since they can work 30+ hours without charging and they come from the famous brand. This device has 30 crazy bright LEDs so you can be calm walking in the woods at 3 AM. Easy turn on/turn off button allows you to light up the entire tent or room even in the total darkness. 


A finely made LED lantern flashlight is exactly what you need if you’re keen on fishing, going outdoors or you cannot imagine your weekend without getaways with your family. Still not defined with your choice? Look through our list one more time and pay attention to all specs that matter to you.


Does LED lantern flashlights have a longer lifespan than usual flashlights?

For sure. As mentioned in technical issues, any LED lights last longer than regular lights, that’s why we have presented to your attention only LED lantern flashlights that can work for 30 hours without any charging.

Do LED lantern flashlights cost more than regular flashlights? 

It depends, however, in the majority of flashlights do not differ in price. Moreover, some LED lantern flashlights cost less than usual lanterns on the market.

Are these LED lantern flashlights resistant to weather?

You need to choose specs since every single item differs. However, in general, the majority of products can easily withstand any splashes or even storms.