The Best Tow Straps – TOP 12 Review


The 2020s is not the first decade when cars became must-haves almost for everyone to live a comfy lifestyle. However, to make it really comfy and make every ride of yours safe and nice, you have to keep a finger on the pulse. Well, it’s hard to argue that a tow strap is a div necessity for any driver: whenever you’re stuck on the road or need to give a hand to another driver, it’s a thing you surely need. It’s even more complicated to accept the fact that a stuck auto is nothing but a piece of metal, so a tow strap is a must-have for any motorist who wants to stay protected anytime, anywhere.

The worst thing here is how much time could be wasted if you are hung up. For some roads, it could last for hours and hours since not each and every vehicle has a tow strap. Here and now we’re about to take a look at TOP 12 tow straps on the market. We have picked the best products on the Web and tested them out; you will receive a full review of each item with its pros, cons and will easily make a decision which one them worth your money. Our team has compared these tow straps by dependability, brand, wideness, and other specifications. There are not many types of tow straps, but we have divided these products and showed why ones differ from the others. 

A tow strap is a true find for every motorist who strives to be prepared and rescue another auto if there’s a need. Stay with us to take a deep look at each of the tow straps we picked and select the best product as an accessory for your four-wheel friend.


As mentioned above, there are not many types of tow straps, still, we can divide them into two categories: auto tow strap and auto-recovery strap. Even though these types may sound to you very much the same, they do not have much in common. The first one is made to fix something in your car and an auto-recovery strap is called to tie up two vehicles. In this review, we’re paying attention to the second type of tow straps.

Another spot where tow straps could be divided for types is the amount of weight. There are light-weight models and there are models who can handle really much weight. To check the breaking rate and working capacity you simply have to look through the specifications provided by the producer.

Things to Watch Out

First and foremost you have to find out what kind of strap you need. 

Weight and Capacity

It goes without saying that getting a vehicle tow strap you need to pay precise attention to the weight and working capacity. The breaking rate should be checked according to your vehicle, however, if you want to have a chance to help another driver just in case, choose an auto tow strap with higher capacity. 


There are numerous shades and colors of auto tow straps available on the market. The bright shade is surely more preferable since it’s highly visible and it is important during vehicle’s tieing up.

Thickness and Material

We’d like to pay your attention to the thickness of a strap you’re going to get. Our team surely recommends picking a finely made thick strap that will suit your four-wheel friend weight. However, it’s not that simple: here you need to check how much stretch in the fabric. 

The same was you’re buying a dress or suit and you don’t want it to be too stretchy, check just what kind of material is being used. There are many companies on the market that are not on our list, the ones use so-so materials and some cheaper (and not that good) analogs of nylon. However, don’t you mess it up: for instance, the latter is ok as a usual auto strap and awful for recovery issues since it’s not that dependable.


Paying attention to the cloth, do not skip the hooks. The main issue here is dependability. Some say this is a contentious issue, however, a hook is not less important than a strap itself. A hook can scratch your or other driver’s vehicle, moreover, it could be a dead-end if a hook will break in the middle of the road. Neither on an empty highway nor in the busy traffic you don’t want to be left with a broken hook. 

The last but not the least thing here is you need to look through a 2-min instruction, how to use an auto tow straps properly.

How to Use a Tow Strap Properly

Step 1

Before you start to save your auto or helping another driver to town up, first you must get to know with this guide. We’d like to start with the packing process of the tow strap — it’s better to keep it in a case so every time you use it, you will be able to easily take it out.

Step 2

So when there’s a situation and you’re ready to use a tow rope, no, you do not start with unpacking it. Put out a sing ‘on tow’ and place it in the towed auto. Some states strictly prohibit using any tow straps without this sign, so make sure you start with it.

Step 3

The next step is to test our the tow strap for any defects in case you did not do it right after you bought it. If everything looks decent, you can start. 

Step 4

To rescue your vehicle you need to seek a big auto and find its mounting point. The one is usually located next to the bumper. Here your aim is to nicely tie the rope a tow strap and pay much attention to the hooks since the (not strap itself) attach vehicle.

Follow these steps to correctly tie up two vehicles if you don’t want any troubles as well as you don’t want any lethal accidents to be caused.

Technical Issues

There are no particular technical issues you have to pay attention to except the fact that it’s very recommended to use tow straps step by step as we described in the instruction. Since you tie up your automobile with another one or you’re seeking to get a single tie-up, in both cases, hooks must be used properly.

TOP 12 Tow Straps We Have Tested:

This California-made dependable tow strap is surely what you need if a finely made product that will rescue your four-wheel friend is what you’ve been looking for. RHINO is a small brand founded by father and son so by getting this product you’re not only receiving high-quality, but you support small business. As for the materials, this tow strap is made of poly/silk, so it won’t stretch and you will be easily able to tow your auto up. For nice storage, this product has a small bag. 10lbs is the capacity of this tow strap that is more than enough even for an SUV.

• Dependable product
• Decent material
• Capacity up to 10 lbs
• Pay attention how to use hooks properly

What would you say if we offer you a NATA approved recovery strap? Well, this product was backed up by NATA as well as the majority of ARB products. Another thing we want to pay your attention to is 15,000 kg maximum, so it means you will be able to stretch it for any vehicle. When it comes to the product’s dimensions, it’s about 9m for 110 mm; so 9m is enough for a recovery strap and 110 mm is its dependability that guarantees excellent performance. Made of nylon, this tow strap offers 20% of stretch. 

• Long and wide enough
• NATA approved
• Some customers say the product’s maximum is 10,000 lbs only

Without any exaggerations, TGL is one of the leaders of automotive accessories on the market. This product stands for 3” wide, 8’ long heavy duty winch strap. If you have been surfing the Web in search of a new tow strap, choose this product. According to the producer and seller, this item offers 30,000-pound capacity. Now let’s tale a look at its loops — they are ideal against abrasion so the product will deliver excellent performance. A brought yellow shade is the last but not the least reason why paying attention to this product. CE and TUV tested.

• Famous brand
• Good loops
• CE and TUV tested
• As well as in the previous one, these are customers who said TGL has a lower capacity as in claimed

Gear America is another famous brand on the market. This is the first ‘kit’ on our list — you’re getting a tow strap, a recovery one, tree saver strap as well as winch extension strap. Now you probably be surprised — this is all those things one product keeps inside itself. Designed and built for the most demanding clients, this one will suit to 45L lbs MBC and offers 15K lbs working load limit. Made of 100% polyester, this product claims to be weatherproof and can resist moisture or UV-rays. If you have been looking for an up-to-date brand new tow strap for your vehicle — this is what you need. 

• Famous brand
• 100% polyester 
• 15K working load limit
• Some claimed poor quality

If dependability and decent capacity are two specifications you are looking for, pay attention to this product. The dimension of this strap was designed and brought to the world in 2” x 20’ so it’s perfectly resistant and allows you to drag the vehicle from the anchor point just like that. As for weatherproof, this tow strap is 100% polyester so you can wash it in the machine with a delicate regime. The producer offers a storage bag. Again, to emphasize at the product’s load capacity: 2 hooks and an ability to rescue any SUV.

• Famous brand
• This tow strap perfectly suits any SUV
• Great dimensions > great performance 
• Some say it’s very thin

Speaking about elasticity, this product features 22% or so, so the kinetic force will be more than enough. The length is 9 m and it’s a standard length to tow up a vehicle and drag it easily. We cannot skip the breaking strength which is 14,500 kg, the producer also offers a lab-test report that is available by request. Now let’s take a look at eye loops — they are dependable, moreover, here are neoprene protector skeeves so you can be sure in premium stitching. 

• Famous brand
• Can handle SUV or any
• Other bug car
• Elasticity 22%
• Some customers claimed that load specifications is different than mentioned on the box 

This is a classical tow strap with excellent safety hooks. Speaking about its material, the producer offers polyester webbing construction so you will easily perform any pulling force, which ends up in excellent performance. Could this item names a heavy-duty thing? For sure. Moreover, it’s weather-resistant and you can wash it in the washing machine. Since you’re not looking for a tow strap for a few months, let’s talk about its durability — the pattern boasts of longevity and can last for many many months. 

• Perfect for any emergency situations 
• Durable and dependable 
• 10 lb max
• Some customers claimed it’s super thin 

If you are an owner of a small vehicle, check this product by all means. It’s simple, weather-resistant and made of polyester. Well, it’s not the most dependable thing on the market, however, this tow strap will suit to compact cars. Even though the producer claims the capacity of this product is up to 20,000 pounds, its reinforced ends are still the ends, but not hooks, so we recommend selecting this one only in case you own a compact auto.

• Lightweight
• Cheaper in comparison with other items
• Working Capacity: 6,666 lbs. Breaking Capacity: 20,000 pounds
• Hooks made of cloth 

If you have been looking for something new and up-to-date, do not miss to check this innovative tow strap recovery. This is a full kit where you get several products for the price. It has reinforced eyes and protective sleeves so you will be easily able to drug out a car where you need it. Smart design allows you to hold 15+ lbs for all vehicle accessories. In comparison with other producers, this seller offers no more but 9,500 lbs which are a pretty honest factor and it’s enough for mid-size vehicles and even some SUVs.

• Perfect for small and mid-sized vehicles
• Innovative designed
• You get a kit
• Some customers claimed there were missing parts 

This product is something between a tow strap with cloth and real hooks. If you have been seeking for an alternative, check this item. According to the seller, this product will even suit industrial-grade strength: 20,000-pound break strength and high visibility are just two things why this heavy-duty tow strap worth your attention. As for its working load capacity, it’s 6,666 pounds. 

• Will suit for industrial needs
• Decent working load capacity
• Something between metal and normal hooks
• It’s pretty narrow

Well, have you been looking for dependable metal hooks? Then pay attention to this JCHL nylon tow strap. It has big and handy hooks so you will be easily strapped any vehicle. As for the size of the strap, it offers 2 inches and 20 feet, the strap is yellow so you will easily find it in your vehicle’s trunk. Again to the hooks, they are located as clips and it won’t take you much time to understand how they work. The last but not the least thing here is universal use — ATV or SUV will suit for this tow strap for sure.

• Will suit for any vehicle even for ATV
• Nice size, wide enough
• Nylon
• Some claimed it was pretty thin 

This is another tow strap made of polyester. If you have been seeking a nice and compact tow strap for your vehicle — this is it. It offers the capability of 10,000 pounds. The product also boasts of great hooks that are dependable and could be used for towing the majority of vehicles just like that.

• Nice and simple
• Bright color
• Up to 10.000 pounds capacity 
• As well as the previous product, some customers claimed it’s pretty narrow

Editor’s Choice

We have checked products backward and forwards so the best tow strap that worth your attention is the product designed and brought to the market by RHINO USA. This is a dependable item originally designed in California. Its capacity and width are perfect to rescue the vehicle anytime, anywhere. Moreover, in comparison with other products, this one offers a great price’n’quality offer. Do not hesitate to check RHINO USA RecoveryTow Strap one more time — this product surely worth your attention.


A tow strap is surely something every motorist should have in his auto’s trunk. If you are contemplating on which accessory you’re about to get for your vehicle — get tow straps first. If you are an owner of worn-out straps, it’s time to get a set of new ones. Well, if you have just got a brand-new auto or a vehicle from another seller and there’s no tow strap — you’d better look for it to be armed to the teeth. 

Look through our review one more time to choose the most suitable tow straps according to your requirements, expectations, and needs. Do not forget to pay attention to all specs mentioned above when seeking for the desired tow strap for your four-wheel friend. 


Do I have to pay attention to weatherproof or any UV proof for tow straps?

From one side of a hand, if an auto top strap boasts of weatherproof factor, it’s very good. From the other, if a seller doubles the price because of this factor, it does not make sense. Let’s get back to those TOP-12 top straps we have reviewed on our list — the vast majority of them perfectly cope with UV-rays and they will surely resist snow or rain. What does it mean for you as a driver? It means that no extreme weather will be a problem for you: sun, ice or hair or, say, storm. Nylon, polyester and other materials that are being used for tow straps are claimed to be dependable and weather resistant. Moreover, some tow straps are usually covered a special coat which will resist the mold and mildew caused by any unusual weather conditions.  This is extremely important if you live in a sunny state or on the contrary — snowfalls are not rare.

May I top with a so-called recovery strap?

Well, this question makes sense in case you’re really in a bad situation and the only decision you have is a recovery strap. What’s the reason for it? It’s very simple — as mentioned above, different types of straps are made differently and from different materials. It’s no surprise they chase completely different aims. So, a tow strap is designed and produced to not stretch here and there, but a recover strap is CALLED to have such a thing. So, you simply do not need that elasticity and it won’t get the required effect. Here we’d like to remind you again that dealing with hooks must be careful (read one more time our how-to) and make sure you’re picking the product with finely made hooks. 

What kind of material is used to produce tow straps?

As a rule of thumb, the majority of these products are made from nylon or polyester. However, the market is full of low-quality auto tow straps that are designed and produced from different cheap materials. Well, you surely can seek for different varieties of tow straps, however, let us assure you a cheap thing is not that you need here. By the way, keep your finger on the pulse since polyester is claimed to be a cheap material, moreover, it often has different contaminants in the cloth, so they make a tow strap even cheaper, but not better. The overcoming with stretch is surely not what you need here.