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The Dodge Charger


The Dodge Charger is the latest in the brands of Dodge vehicles this year in 2013. The main thing that you would surely notice is the lovely front snout and then you would also love the quadrant blacked out grill. There are fog lifts and air ducts in the lower front fascia and this is what makes it look like an aggressive car. There are gill-like character that runs from the front to the back. There is an aluminum hood, which is incidentally dual, scalloped. The roof is tapered and it blends well with the ear duct and ends with a great rear duct spoiler.

There are around 164 LED lights and there is also a dual trapezoidal chrome exhaust tat that is seen to peek out from the lower rear fascia. There are optional 20-inch wheels, which completely fill out the wheel wells. This car is surely going to be a hit for the next twenty years.

dodge charger srt

The person who is behind the wheel driving the car would be able to notice the difference instantly. The powerplant is the Pentastar V6. It has a horsepower of 292 and a torque of 260 lb-ft. There are many acceleration possibilities and the tires really leave you half flying in the air. There is a good throttle response when you try to take a corner. There is also an exhaust note and it is a pleasure driving this car.

There is a lot of credit the car has for the performance and the gas mileage. There is a lot of off the line power and the shifts in the car are smooth. The transmission would try to quickly upshot for specific mileage purposes in the normal D- mode. There is a greater rpm in the Sport mode and normally paddle shifters are used .the car is totally programmed for up and downshifts.

There is an electronic joystick shift lever that gives the driver a chance to push a button when he is driving in the reverse of a drive. Sometimes the joy drive is not acceptable by many yet it continues to be a major attraction for all.

The Dodge Charger SXT Plus is around two tons by weight but when you are inside it, you feel good in away. As the car has a rear-wheel-drive it gives scope for some rather oversteer. The stability control is thus turned off. This is basically a fun car and gives great ride quality and everyone is sure to like this model.

The cabin within is a greatly decorated and lovely area of the car. The windshields are all soundproof and the side glass makes the car seem very quiet from the inside. There is a Plus package, which has Nappa leather seats, lumbar controls that have four ways. The seats are very well bolstered and are comfortable too. There are models in which the car has lipstick red color seats. This is a great relief from the regular beige, red, black, charcoal grey, etc.

There is a very interesting LED in the dash and it makes locating things easy in the dark. There is a woven metallic lock, which gives the best effect to the black dash. The car also has an iPod interface and also a console with some unusual and excellent amenities. There are electric tilts, memory seat position, telescopic setting, a lane departure warning system, cooled illuminated cupholders, radar cruise control, and a heated steering wheel.

The car has a large screen that is the mainstay of the center stack. This controls the functions of the air and heating system. It also manages the heated seats, radio and such interfaces.

Thus, the Dodge Charger is a huge machine and has space for five adults. The passengers into there are seats would have a lot of legroom and then, of course, they have their own 12-volt outlets. Their seats in there have nice armrests and provided with the best kind of comforts.

The Dodge Charger is a family vehicle and is an ideal choice for long-distance experiences