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TOP 10 Throttle Body Cleaners Review 2020


It’s no exaggeration that a vehicle needs maintenance and care as well as the human body does. One of those serviceable parts in any auto engine is its throttle body. Let’s take a look and find out why all mechanics claimed this part has to be cleaned often. To do this, throttle body cleaners are used often.

The truth is behind the modern automobile itself: there are numerous maintenance intervals and they generally depend on your auto’s performance as well as from the model or mileage. Say, an oil must be checked and changed every 150 days and as for cabin air filter, it has to be changed several times during every 100,00 miles. However, these are still minor things you need to do to keep your vehicle properly maintained so it delivers excellent performance.

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However, there’s one not-that-small part that any auto mechanics insist to clean once a vehicle runs rough or, say, has a rough idle or, in the worst case — it does not start at all. This is the point where mechanics says your four-wheel friend needs throttle body cleaning by all means.

What stands for this auto part? The one regulates the amount of air that your vehicle engine sucks in. Once a driver steps on the gas pedal, it sends a signal to the computer and it, in turn, sends a one to a tiny electric motor in this body. Then, your vehicle motor does specific movements so the throttle body allows providing more or less air to the vehicle engine.

As months go by, the insides of this automotive part may get clogged up with different raid or carbon, thus, the plate will simply be sticky and won’t deliver the needed performance. If this part will close unevenly, it means that your engine won’t be working correctly. This is the point where you need to pay attention to the auto’s throttle: if there’s a rough idle or you have any other hesitations with stumbling when stepping on the gas, it’s time to clean the throttle body.

In case you don’t want to break the bank and save your hundreds of dollars, here’s a piece of nice news — cleaning a throttle body is even simpler than changing your auto oil. All you need to do is to follow step-by-step instructions and you’ll surely be able to complete it, just pay attention to depress the button a spray can.

This guide is about to show you TOP 10 throttle body cleaners so you won’t waste hours choosing the needed product and select it with no efforts at all. Save your time by looking through our ultimate guide on throttle body cleaners and you’ll save money on cleaning as well.

throttle body

Consider These Things Before Purchase

When it comes to the moment when you’re about to pick the best product of all available on the market, it’s better to have a clear understanding of where to pay attention and things to watch out. Giving you a hand, there are some things to consider before purchasing throttle body cleaners for your vehicle and be precise with your final decision.


There are 2-3 types of ingredients that are usually used in throttle body cleaners. However, you don’t need to go deep and become a professor of chemistry. From the other side of the hand, if there are much feedbacks that claim ingredients of this throttle body cleaner are dangerous, it’s better to skip it. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that any cleaner of such type is not a toy and it could be dangerous for kids. Another thing to check is a smell since a strong smell may cause allergy issues.

Check brand

It’s true that we live in a world of brands, however, a reputable company is still a reputable company. For our review, we have gathered throttle body cleaners only from the brands which have been on the market for many years so you can trust them.  As you will notice later, the vast majority of throttle body cleaners come from famous automotive companies which guarantee the excellent result and may even return money in case you’re not satisfied with the general outcome.

Size and Details

As a rule, throttle body cleaners are offered in several sizes from one brand. It’s not the first thing to consider, however, trying a brand-new product we’d recommend to choose a smaller item. Since cleaning your vehicle’s throttle body must be handy, pay attention to the bottle size and special devices it has to make the process easier.

You should not choose sunglasses just because of some brand or good offer since the primary reason is to get a high-quality product and test it out. Check products we have placed below so you will surely find the desired size with a long or mid-size 111 to easily clean your vehicle’s throttle body.

Types of Throttle Body Cleaners

throttle body cleaner

As a rule, all automotive body throttle cleaners could be divided into two types: traditionally it’s sprays and cleaners in regular bottles. All throttle body cleaners presented in our review are sprays. It’s very easy and handy to use such type of cleaner if you have access to the throttle body. How much time it takes depending on the vehicle, however, usually you will open it up in 3 mins. All you need to do is to remove the air filter and just unhook a bunch of hoses in order to make sure you know that you’re going to clean your throttle body safer.

Some spray options are not eco-friendly: say, you will have to put it to recycle, however, since sprays could reach any spot on the throttle body and guarantee excellent results since they work at a target, we choose this type of throttle body cleaners.

Important Things to Consider After

When it comes to throttle body cleaners, it is not mostly on technical terms, but it’s about how-tos. 

  • First of all, you must protect your eyes and skin by all means. Since you want to save money and you’re not asking a mechanic to clear your auto part, guard yourself against the corrosive damage of the liquid. Moreover, it’s optional but still — if you have bought a cleaner with a strong smell, you’ll need a mask.
  • Secondly, keep in mind that you have to disconnect the ground before starting any cleaning.
  • Please avoid smoking while cleaning your vehicle parts since smoking near the engine is not safe at all plus 100% of cleaners are flammable.
  • A quick tip is to mark small hoses that connect the device to the air ducts, thus, you will be able to easily find them during installation.
  • This advice may seem simple, but it still makes sense: use the no more, no less but recommended amount of cleaner and, please, do not exceed it. What happens if you still do? Well, you risk to end up dissolving your vehicle part valves and other rubber components.

Comparison Table

CRC Industries Throttle Body and Air-Intake Cleaner5 of 54 of 54 of 5
3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner 5 of 54 of 55 of 5
Gumout Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner5 of 55 of 55 of 5

Our TOP 10

CRC Industries

Well, if you have been surfing the Web seeking a budget-friendly and simple liquid to clean the throttle, now meet the cleaner made by CRC Industries, they claim that the item perfectly copes with gum. Moreover, it’s not a big deal here to varnish dirt from your auto part valves. If you want your vehicle to deliver excellent performance and provide a just-like-that start, pay attention to this product. 

Both valves and other parts on a fuel-injected engine will be cleaned from A to Z. Speaking about the matter of safety, this item is totally safe plus boasts of VOC  This 12-ounce liquid that will perfectly suit to your auto throttle body if you have never cleaned the one before: it’s simple and has a compact size so even if it won’t suit you, you won’t lose much money. This 12-ounce product that will perfectly suit your auto throttle body if you have never cleaned the one before: it’s simple and has a compact size so even if it won’t suit you, you won’t lose much money.

• VOC formula
• Famous brand
• Applies to air-intakes and valves as well
• Sometimes the plastic red straw doesn’t fit the
spray head 

Why should you break the bank if you can buy an all-in-one cleaner for your vehicle’s throttle body? This product has several advantages and the first one is its dual-action cleansing system. The second one is that you can clean any metal parts by means of this spray. This product can even break up tough and baked carbon deposits, can you imagine? It will be a real catch for many motorists, if your vehicle has dirty throttle and you are looking for mid-sized cleaner, pay attention to this one. This spray blasts sway not only the deposits but all the waste your vehicle parts have. As a result, you get an auto engine that starts in a moment and 6 months without thoughts about cleaning.

• All-purpose cleaner 
• Improves performance at high rpm
• Do not burns off lot of the crud 
Mag 1

This is an updated version of throttle cleaner brought to the market by Mag. Even though this product is not that popular among customers, this series has been on the market for 5+ years and won the hearts of some motorists. Mag 1 suits any type of throttle body cleaners. All liquids brought to the market by this brand boast of alcohol-frее formula, however, this cleaner has a pretty strong smell.

• Non-chlorinated 
• Small size
• Difficult to keep the straw in

Starting from the beginning of the 1900s, Berryman brand has been winning the hearts of many motorists. Now it’s has been more than 70 years since this company is famous for its cleaning liquids. No doubts today this brand is in TOP-5 automotive accessories producers that offer 50+ products.  Pay attention to this item from Berryman — you will be able to clean all above mentioned automotive parts. This spray dissolves gum pretty quick and cleans other fuel residues as well. Moreover, it perfectly disperses moisture in conventional gasoline. 

• Multi-purpose cleaner
• Disperse moisture in gasoline
• New formula has strong smell

This is another throttle body cleaner from CRC. If your auto part is very dirty or your car starts poorly, this is it. This cleaner will increase horsepower and will surely improve your vehicle performance as well as will reduce the air/fuel ratio in your auto. The seller claims that this cleaner is not VOC compliant for California state, so keep that in mind when you’re going to buy it. Speaking about safety, this spray does not have any bad ingredients that could be dangerous. Moreover, the product could get dry in a few seconds. One is recommended to use every single time when there are problems or when you want to change the filter.

Again, this cleaner will suit you perfectly in case there is serious contamination in your vehicle.

• Handy bottle 
• Proven to gain 4-10 horsepower in wheels 
• As time goes by it leaks over the bottle 

Have you been seeking for a cleaning liquid that is totally safe for your auto’s sensor? How about a liquid that has < than 10 % of VOC? No need to mention every motorist seeks an effective item that has overcomes his expectations and it could be throttle body cleaner by 3M. The one perfectly fits for carburetors and you can not just clean, but prevent any dirt. Look through the seller’s page — 3M is offered both as a separate product as well as a complete fuel cleaning system, so you will be able to keep your throttle body cleaner nice and ready at any time. Moreover, you can get a few bottles since it’s a nice offer and forget about restocking for many months. 

• Comes in many varieties
• Less than 10 percent VOC
• Requires an adapter

If you’d like to save money on throttle body cleaners and it’s your very first time, try Hi-Gear product. It offers a handy air inflow system cleaner so even if you have zero experience in it, you will be able to clean your auto’s throttle just like that. The item contains lubricants as well as anti-corrosion ingredients. Moreover, this item safely and fastly removes any accumulated deposits. The one is safe on any kids of oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. This product comes in 11 fl. oz., so you will be able to clean your vehicle from 4 to 7 times depending on the vehicle’s throttle body size.

• Fast cleaning 
• Anti-corrosion ingredients
• It’s not that popular and doesn’t hold many

Let’s take a look and pay attention to another example of top brands. There were many reviews that praised Johnsen’s cleaning liquids and assigned this product as ‘solid choice’ among TOP-5 throttle cleaners. It’s a nice alternative if you have been looking for a budget-friendly and optimal decision for your four-wheel friend.

Johnsen’s company saw the world in 1928, so it’s almost 100 years since it has been meeting motorists’ requirements. Its products could be distinguished by a unique design and formula which allows them not only to clean but also to lubricate engine parts, thus preventing corrosion. To emphasize on this fact, numerous reviews claim about high efficiency because the solution starts to work, as they say, as soon as it is applied, well, it’s not bad/ Since it offers very high efficiency, your engine will deliver great performance even with a single bottle which can keep engine parts clean of carbon buildup, gum, and other dirt. Again, if you have been seeking for a budget-friendly liquid to clear throttle body, pay attention to this product.

• High efficiency
• Famous brand
• Small bottle
Gumout Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner

If there was an award for the best and funniest bottle of throttle body cleaners, the product from Gumont would definitely get it. This one boasts not only of nice appearance but keeps deposits from forming. Moreover, this item can prevent future carbon buildup, it means that you will save both on throttle body cleaners as well as on cleaning. The cleaning itself won’t take you much time: indirect fuel injectors or intake valves or any other ports could be cleaned up in a moment. It goes without saying that suit maintenance will help to reduce emissions and maintain fuel economy. In comparison with other items in its class, it does not come as a spray, thus, it’s way more economical.

• Handy bottle
• Economical
• Some motorists say a car takes more car once it has been cleaned with it

A throttle body cleaner from Genuine Chrysler is probably a spray any motorist wants to have to keep his vehicle in a decent condition. This one boasts of a special formula that meets CARB automotive product and VOC standards. Even though this spray does not feature very special ingredients or something like that, it’s a decent choice if you’re looking for a throttle body cleaner that will extend your auto parts lifespan. Some customers say that this is the only thing to use if you clean a Jeep or other vehicle’s combustion chamber and/or spark plug area.

• Famous brand
• Perfectly suits Chryslers
• Comes only in one size

Our Editor’s Pick

Summing all the advantages and drawbacks, we have paid attention to Gumout. It is surely not tied up with a bottle, even though it indeed can boast of nice design. This liquid can perfectly cope with future carbon buildup, so you will prevent, it which means that you will save both on throttle body cleaners as well as on cleaning. As for the process of cleaning, it won’t take you even a half an hour — indirect fuel injectors or intake valves or any other ports could be cleaned up in a moment. Since this product does not come in a  spray, it’s probably the most economical product on the market.


How many times will I have to clean my auto’s throttle body?

It all depends exclusively on your vehicle performance. If you feel the engine does not work the way it has to work, do not wait for a throttle body to go out of order and clean it up. It won’t take you much time especially if you have a cleaner next to you.

How can I know for how many times a spray will be enough?

Well, it mostly depends on the amount and volume of spray you bought. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to your automobile: as a rule, a SUV or recreational-vehicle requires much more throttle body spray than a compact automobile.

May I use any other automotive cleaners?

You surely can pay attention to the cleaners which are not included in our review, however, you should keep in mind the ones won’t guarantee any quality and result. We insist on getting a finely made cleaner specifically for throttle body since it removes prevents the build-up of harmful throttle body deposits and easily restores engine performance once you’ve cleaned this automotive part.

Moreover, fuel economy will be improved, at the same time engine wear will be significantly reduced. In comparison with other aggressive sprays, throttle body cleaners were specially designed to work safely on coatings, sensors and o-ring seals as well as on other gentle components. However, it not the end: a good throttle body cleaner from a dependable brand usually lubricated and protects moving parts of your vehicle that ensures his excellent functionality and performance and durability of the throttle body part. Last but not least thing is the 360° upside down valve and extension tube for added convenience and pinpoints application.


In 2020 it’s no secret that throttle body cleaning is a part of your auto maintenance and care. Any vehicle could be compared with a human body: if you eat healthy food, keep a finger on the pulse and do sports, your chances to live longer are significantly raised. Same with a vehicle: make sure you fuel your car with the best petrol and clean its parts with top-of-the-market body cleaners. If you still cannot decide which throttle body cleaner to choose, look through our review one more time to choose the best product and improve for your vehicle performance.