THE Best Tie Down Straps


In order to secure the vehicle, various tie-down systems are often used. At the moment, the market offers an abundant choice of these systems. On the one hand, a huge selection provides the opportunity to choose the most suitable product. But, also, because of this fact, it is more difficult to weed out the bad and low-quality options. This review will help to choose to tie down straps, that you are looking for.

Tie Down Straps

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Before you start choosing the right belt for fastening, you need to consider some important factors.

These factors include the size of the belts, the material from which the belts are made, and for which vehicle they will be used.

Types of Belts

There are two main types of belts: the first are belts made of artificial fiber. In this case, nylon and polyester are the most often used. Nylon and polyester are sturdy fibers that withstands high stresses. There are also some belts made of natural fibers, but they are already taking a back seat. This is due to the fact that nylon belts, like any other made of artificial material, are much cheaper than natural ones and practically are not inferior to them in their qualities.

 In addition, although belts made from natural materials are more durable than their artificial alternatives, at the same time they are heavier. Also, they absorb moisture more, become even heavier and less strong. It is, for this reason, artificial materials completely replaced natural materials from the modern market.

Technical Terms

Tie-Down Straps factory labels

First of all, it is worth figuring out what a safe working load (SWL) is. SWL is the maximum allowable weight that your tie-down straps can withstand. It is desirable that the load experienced by the belt does not approach the limit. In addition, in no case, you must exceed the safe working load. If the maximum permissible load is exceeded, the belts may not withstand stress and break. In turn, this can lead to the rupture of the belts or their stretching. In any case, nothing good will definitely happen if you get used to this limit. That is why it is first of all necessary to take this parameter into account when choosing the most suitable tie-down straps.

In addition, most belts for securing vehicles are made of nylon. Nylon belts are very durable and do not stretch well. Because of this, when exceeding the permissible load, a break will immediately occur. This, quite possibly, will lead to damage to the vehicle or to its movement.

The Best tie-down straps

Let’s compare the various options that can be found on the Internet. By comparing their main characteristics, you can determine which product you need. This is because various types of belts can be used for different needs, from luggage fastening on the roof of a car to fastening the car itself during transportation.

Comparative table

ProductMaterialSWL Item WeightProduct Dimensions
Rhino USA Tie Down SetPolyester5,208 Lbs9.9 pounds13 x 5.5 x 6.7 inches
Ratchet Tie Down StrapsPolyester1,500 Lbs4.28 pounds 11.9 x 10.8 x 2.7 inches
VULCAN ClassicCar Rim Tie Down SystemPolyester3,300 Lbs15.8 pounds13 x 13 x 7.9 inches
Lockdown Ratchet StrapsPolyester3,372 Lbs9 pounds12.6 x 7.9 x 4.3 inches
Sunferno Ratchet StrapsNylon2,500 Lbs5.07 pounds10.5 x 2.6 x 9.2 inches
Cartman Lashing StrapsPoly Ethylene600 Lbs14.1 ounces3.1 x 1.6 x 3.1 inches
GOSSIP Ratchet Strap Nylon4,400 Lbs9.85 pounds12.4 x 7.4 x 5.4 inches
KeeperRatchet Tie-DownNylon10,000 Lbs19.82 pounds8 x 9.7 x 10 inches
Reese Retractable Ratchet Nylon1,500 Lbs3.15 pounds9.8 x 5 x 4.1 inches
Premium Ratchet Tie DownsNylon1,500 Lbs0.16 ounces13.9 x 12.8 x 2.6 inches
Rhino USA Tie Down Set

Perhaps one of the best options at an affordable price is the Rhino USA Tie Down Set. Choosing this product you can be sure that the belts will meet all standards. You will also receive a certified product that is suitable for most situations in which such belts can be used.

Universal Design

Using these belts you can fix absolutely everything. They can be used to fix the car, bike or luggage where you need it. A truly universal design awaits those who choose this option. The appearance is very pleasant. You can choose among the most suitable color for you from such colors as blue, black, red, green and orange. Anyone can find the color that suits him or is suitable for being visible in foggy weather or in case of distress. A good addition to the excellent belts is also a special bag that can be used to carry and store your purchase. To store and carry the belts and mounts themselves. A good gift that shows the status of these belts. At the same time, the price remains as satisfying as possible. If you use these belts within the permissible loads and according to the instructions, then they will serve you for more than one year. Perhaps your children will also use these belts in the future because this tie-down strap is one of the most durable.

Caveats and Notes

Nylon belts that can withstand a huge load will be a great purchase. In addition, the chrome-plated S-shaped hooks that are used to secure the vehicle increase the maximum load this fastening system can withstand. Thanks to chrome plating, the possibility of resistance of these hooks to the rusting process also increases. This increases the long-term use of belts.

• Reasoned price
• High breaking load
• Durable product
• Universal design
• There is no point in overpaying if you need belts for one time
Ratchet Tie Down Straps

If you are looking for belts that are reasonably cheap and functional, then Ratchet tie-down straps are a pretty good choice. By purchasing this system for fixation, you will get good straps that can withstand 1,500 Lbs.

Lightweight and reliable

These belts have a fastening system with an S-shaped hook that provides maximum safety when transporting your belongings. These belts cannot be used to secure cars or heavy luggage. In any case, you should not doubt that they are perfect for securing not heavy luggage or bicycles. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that they were created specifically for fastening a bicycle during a trip. Another interesting fact is that you get the same soft loops. They are needed so as not to damage your car, bike or luggage during transportation. This is because steel S-shaped hooks can twist paint or car designs if they aren’t tight enough or when used for a long time.

• Lightweight but durable
• Ideal for securing luggage and bicycles
• Great for traveling enthusiasts
• Not suitable for too heavy luggage
• With their help, you can’t fix the car
VULCAN Classic Car Rim Tie Down System

These belts are used to fasten cars around the world. This locking system is used by both professionals and amateurs. Millions of cars are transported fixed with the VULCAN Classic Car Rim Tie Down System. High strength, proven by numerous people for many years, will reliably secure what you need. Need to secure a vehicle? Not a problem. These belts will cope with any challenge. Yellow and black lettering is a standard option. You can be sure that this system will serve you for many years and will not leave you unsatisfied. Special protection against ultraviolet radiation and cuts will only increase the period during which you can safely and comfortably use belts. O-rings and D-rings are very durable and also will not fail in any way. For safety, each belt is marked with a safe load. This is another reason that will not let you make a mistake when choosing.

• VULCAN – a brand that has been proven
over the years
• High strength
• Ultraviolet protection and cut resistant coating
• High price
Lockdown Ratchet Straps

With these belts, you can fasten the majority of things. If you are tired of old cables that cannot provide adequate protection, then Lockdown Ratchet Straps will be an excellent choice. Not only is the price more than reasonable, but they also offer you the confidence that if the SWL does not exceed 3372 Lbs, the belts will work as they should and will not fail. What are the other advantages? The kit comes with a special bag for carrying and storing belts. In their class, these belts have established themselves as one of the best. Fasten your bike, motorbike or any other equipment and don’t worry that it will move during the trip or that the belts will not withstand the load.

• Reasonable price for premium belts
• Large safe working load
• Cannot be used to secure too heavy loads
Sunferno Ratchet Straps

Do you need to be completely confident in the safe transportation of any goods? In this case, these belts are a good alternative. They are easy to use and durable enough to carry most household appliances, bicycles, and other things. S-shaped hooks that are used for fastening will provide sufficient strength and durability of the entire device. In addition, they will help not damage either the machine itself or the cargo being transported. The kit also includes special soft loops necessary to reduce the possibility of damage to your luggage. The ratchet mechanisms made by the best Chinese manufacturers only add confidence in the good quality of the product as a whole.

• The best materials
• Smooth ratchet mechanism
• Gift storage bag
• Some might think that Chinese ratchets
are substandard
Cartman Lashing Straps

These belts are suitable for those who are looking for a system for securing without hooks. This greatly narrows the functionality of these belts, nevertheless, they are suitable for many loads. A small working load safe means that you can only use these belts when transporting light loads. It is worth paying a lot of attention, but, nevertheless, the material is selected high-quality. Poly Ethylene is much stronger than any other ordinary Propene Polymer. This should provide strength within 600 Lbs of safe working load. Another plus is the ability to connect several belts into one in order to lengthen it.

• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• May lengthen
• Don’t have hooks
• Smaller functional
GOSSIP Ratchet Strap

This product is intended for securing medium and heavy loads, including various types of motorcycles, bicycles and the like. There are extra safety precautions to ensure that your luggage is secured as securely as possible. This includes the lockable spring-loaded release mechanism. With this mechanism, ratchet fastens so well that with 100% certainty you can forget about your luggage while traveling. The S-shaped hook is covered with vinyl in order to prevent various scuffs and reduce the possibility of damaging both the equipment and the machine itself.

• Quality product at an affordable price
• Great solution for transporting goods
• S-shaped hook covered with vinyl
• Different colors
• Not everyone needs a large safe working load
Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down

If you need good belts that are suitable for transporting and securing very heavy things, then Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down with J-Hooks is the right choice. It’s hard to believe that belts made of fiber can withstand such a huge load of 10,000 Lbs. Metal J-shaped hooks will help to secure any load quite easily, conveniently and reliably. These belts are also suitable for industrial use, for fastening wood during transportation over a long distance and for other needs. It’s hard to come up with a task that Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down cannot handle.

• The enormous workload that the system
can withstand
• Reliability
• Possibility of application in industrial needs
• Do not dwell on these tie down straps if you want to findthe most suitable belt for an ordinary person
Reese Retractable Ratchet straps

Reese Retractable Ratchet is a fairly ordinary ratchet that can withstand loads of up to 1,500 Lbs. This is a convenient option if you want to quickly secure any load. This will happen faster than when using any other option since for this you only need to click on the button. The ratchet has a large holding force so that the load does not move during the trip and you can feel confident and comfortable. S-Hooks are coated with a special material that prevents the appearance of scuffs and other problems.

• A great choice if you do not want to spend
a lot of time fixing
• Fairly high safe working load
• Low price
• Not universal enough
Premium Ratchet Tie Downs

S-hooks are coated with a material that prevents a metal hook from rust and cracks. Additional protection in this matter will never hurt. They are ideal for securing or moving average weight loads daily. The color of the belts is red, with a black inscription on each. It looks quite concise and simple. In general, these belts do not have any features in comparison with others, a good choice for the average person who needs to move a few items or use them to attach things to the car during travel. 

• Average cost
• Medium working load safe
• Ideal for daily use
• Nothing special


In order to choose the needed tie-down straps, it is necessary to clearly understand the purpose for which it will be used. Whether you will use it on a daily basis for transportation of medium loads or for transportation of heavy loads. Perhaps you need a system that will rarely be used, but for transporting very heavyweights. In general, anyone can find a suitable device for his own purposes. You should also pay attention to the width of the belts, whether the rings are covered with a special material that prevents rust or cracks and scratches both on the ring itself and on the material to be fixed. Choose the most suitable system in order to securely secure your weight and not worry about the fact that the cables may break or the ring will not withstand the load.

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Moreover, if you need to carry things several times a week, you need to seek an even more durable product and it’s worth being careful and attentive with your choice. This is because not only the condition of your transported goods but also the general condition of the car depends on it. Also, with poor fastening and exceeding the safe working load, an accident can occur that will harm not only you but also other autos and people on the road. If you are going to lift any load with the help of belts, you need to remember that even if the weight does not exceed the safe working load, then you should not stand under a suspended load.

The Best Choice

The most versatile mounting system is the Rhino USA Tie Down Set. With the help of Rhino belts, you can fix any bike, motorcycle or even car without any problems. These belts can withstand more than 5,000 Lbs, which is definitely enough for an ordinary person.

In case you need belts for fastening in excess of heavy loads, only then the Rhino USA tie-down set will not suit you. In this scenario, Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down is best used. This is because this fastening system can withstand loads of up to 10,000 Lbs. Using these belts it is possible to securely secure any cargo for a long time of transportation.


Q: What can tie down straps be used for?

Different belts can be used for various purposes. These belts are mainly used to safely transport luggage on the roof of a car. In addition, depending on the maximum weight that they can withstand their functional features differ. The strong belts can be used both for securing luggage and for securing bicycles and even cars.

Q: How can belts differ?

Tie-down straps can differ among themselves in various parameters. Firstly, depending on the thickness of the belts and the material used, the maximum load that the harness can withstand can vary. Depending on this, the functions for which the belts are intended also change. Of course, rings and hooks that are used for fastening may also differ. The most commonly used D-rings, O-rings, and S-shaped hooks.

Q: What determines the price of this product?

The price depends on the brand you choose. In addition, it still depends on the maximum allowable load on the cable. The durability of the product also affects the price, so if you need belts that will last a long time, then choose belts with chromed metal parts.

Q: Which mounting system works best?

The fastening system should be chosen to depend on whether you have enough space for fastening. It is best to use the J-hooks which are the most durable. In addition, some hooks do not close, which is worth paying special attention to. Some sets are equipped with four special soft loops. They can be used for fastening if the weight is not very large. In addition, they will protect your car or transported items from scratches and other problems. In other things, C-shaped hooks also show themselves well. The main thing is that the metal part is covered with a material that prevents friction between the hook and the fastening place. It would be nice if this part is chrome plated.

Nota Bene

If you want to buy good belts and at the same time save money, then there are such options. Most likely, Ratchet Tie Down Straps may suit you. Although they can withstand a load of only 1,500 Lbs, in any case, most people will be satisfied. It is ideal for securing luggage and bicycles during travel, it will last you more than one year and will please you with its price.

There is also the cheapest option that can withstand 600 Lbs of a load. They are suitable for securing non-heavy loads just perfect. Moreover, they are well-branded belts at loyal pricing.