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Unearthing The New Lexus ‘Premium Compact’ Concept


There were rumors since the last one year that Lexus is going to launch a new hatchback which will offer tough competition to BMW 1 series and Audi A3.  We have official news to confirm this rumor. The car is expected to be unveiled at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show, however, previews reveal the first indication of design and direction for the upcoming model.

The only official information that we have received is that this model will be a perfect blend of high tech innovations and groundbreaking designs. They have promised to raise the benchmark for the existing luxury car segment.  The company boasts of many new innovative features but sadly we may not know as the cars are likely to be sold in the overseas markets only. The main reason that we can conclude for Lexus entering into the Overseas market is that the new hatchback will be an entry-level model and will definitely be priced below the IS range – a segment that is unlikely to enter in North America.

Lexus premium concept 2009

The company has not disclosed many facts about this version but earlier reports claim that this model will be equipped with a Hybrid power train and will share some of its internal features with Toyota Auris which is also commonly known as Toyota Corolla in some areas.

It is expected that the production version will be debuted at next year’s Geneva Motor Show which will be held in March before going on sale in Europe. The newer concepts will be known by September 15 so all you automotive aficionados stayed tuned to automotivecraze and we shall provide you up to date information about this luxury car.